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Achieve perfect Geosynchronous(Kerbosynchronous) Orbit around Kerbin

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For this challenge, anyone that can achieve as close to perfect geosynch orbit around Kerbin wins. According to the Ksp wiki, that means traveling at exactly 1008.9 m/s with an altitude reading 2868.4 km at both the perigee and apogee. You can only utilize stock parts, no mods, and most certainly not mechjeb. You\'ll have to be traveling east to accomplish this.

I almost managed this going between 1009.0-1009.1 m/s at between 2868.4-2868.5 km. It looks like your going perfectly geosynchronous and i still have enough fuel to attempt to line it up but it is very hard to do exactly i assure you and even being slightly off means your traveling just a bit out of synch.

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You\'ll have to be traveling west to accomplish this.
Er, why? A synchronous orbit just has the same period as the planet/moon/star\'s rotation. And if you\'re aiming for a stationary orbit, you\'ll want to go with Kerbin\'s rotation (east)




ECC = 3.89404859376129E-05
INC = 0.0765992922166288
LPE = 300.169433791591
LAN = 171.935520713902
MNA = 2.88925711703668
EPH = 95397.5556606547
		SMA = 3468159.48965438

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Planetary rotation is in an eastward direction, which is why you launch east to use the planetary boost to get into orbit. If you launch west, you\'ll be going the opposite direction from the way the planet is spinning.

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