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Favorite tiny mods?


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What tiny mods have made the biggest difference in KSP for you?

They say it's the little things that make a difference.

My favorite mods are the tiny utilities that change one little thing and massively improve the KSP experience. I want to know about the utilities, modlets and config tweaks that have had an outsized effect on your space program. Maybe its a fix for longstanding bug or a Module Manager config you came across somewhere that you copy into every new save. Maybe even a little program you wrote yourself to fix something that only bugs you!

The great thing about mini mods is they usually solve a problem simply and with little fuss. But the danger of little fuss is that they aren't easy to find in the forums! If you have any favorites please share them with me.

Here are my current top 3.


1. Draggable Menu by @KvaNTy. Automatically re-positions the right click menu so the whole thing is visible. A necessity for me since I play on a laptop at lower resolution and pod menus pretty much always fall off the screen.

2. Heat Shield Decoupler Module Manager config to make heatshields "decouplable" - don't remember what thread I found this on.


//Adds decouplers to parts called ...heatshield...



    sound_vent_large = decouple
    fx_gasBurst_white = 0.0, 0.0650517, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0,     decouplefx_gasBurst_white = 0.0, 0.0650517, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, decouple
    @description ^= :$:. Equiped with integrated decoupler and ultra cool "woosh"-effect! They'll know what hit 'em.:

        name = ModuleDecouple

        ejectionForce = 40
        isOmniDecoupler = true



3. Landing Height by @Diazo. Shows distance to ground rather than distance to sea level. Has saved many landers from crashing into lumpy moons.

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I wrote most (some were requests by others) of my modlets to fix issues that were particularly annoying to me. Field Experience was the first and makes it so you don't have to recover kerbals on Kerbin for them to level up. I was sending a semi-permanent orbital station to Duna and it didn't make any sense that my 6 kerbals wouldn't learn any new skills on the way.

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I also use lots of tiny mods ... but the one that I've dreamed since a long time and I can't understand why it's not Stock is also a mod from @magico13:  EditorTime ;)

But I can't play without Protractor and two of mine: QuickScroll and StockPlugins :P
(and I also can't play without ... BetterBurnTime, ShowAllFuels and Portrait Stats)

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I like PartTweaks. But there are many mods that just do tiny things and made at least an see able difference. But I think that's all very subjectively. Tiny compared to other mods or to contend of the game or in comparison to things you saw until now :sealed:

Also things like Chatteter and Camera Tools or BdDynamics are awesome. They do tiny things but the things they do change or add are just awesome and every time I get an advantage out of the fact I installed them it makes me smile... 

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