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The "You know you're playing a lot of KSP when..." thread

Phenom Anon X

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From small I was interested in spaceflight, interest in the subject came from an unusual side. My father was an archeologist, and I read the book "Forbidden Archeology" by Cremo Michael A and Thompson Richard L.
Now I know it's nonsense, but I was still interested in space and flights.
I've been playing in Kerbal for a while, mainly playing in the morning - because I'm a freelancer and I prefer to work at night.
Where can I find or buy Artifact?
BTW I look forward to the release of the new Artifact Card game.
This can really be a new quality in the world of card games, because the cards can be bought and sold, and the effectiveness of the deck will be based on knowledge and skills, not on RNG. I am most interested in what the mechanics of the Artifact game will look like and what actions the particular cards will have. Well, I am interested in how Artifact trading market will look like :-) I am more specifically wondering whether the cards will be available for purchase only on Steam or in the traditional way.

Today I will add pieces of information about trading in Artifact Card Game, how I wrote above I'm interested in buy Artifact cards for this new game. I saw screens of cards and I read something about their powers and properties. I was played in Beta, that was really nice experience and sweet moment spend with my most liked game type: Card game. Today we will learn how to trade in Artifact, what Valve said about Artifact trading and where you can buy decks, Artifact booster, cards, and other Artifact things. Now let's talk about trading and buying cards, for sure if you want to buy cards you need to pay for it, so you need money. You can pay via Paypal, Skrill, Webmoney and just buy cards quickly. The second way is exchange cards for different cards, I call it Barter. For sure it's simple and easy use websites for quick buying, but it is your personal choice and you have to choose. If you want to go this way, find yourself, collect cards and buy Artifact cards https://odealo.com/games/artifact buy artifact cards
Please just promise to me that: If you find your love and diversity, buy cards and let them be free. Cheap cards and new Artifact card game

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When you're trying to install Minecraft mods, and you panic because you think you deleted the gamedata folder.

And this morning I woke up in that semi-delirious state you're in after you wake up, and I started thinking about creating a manoeuvre node to do my 'bed escape burn'.

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When the forums look like this:


And when that little white thing on the bottom of a Cessna really, really looks like a communotron 88-88, and you intend to ask the pilot what it is, and then forget to, and then think that it's the antenna, and then remember that it's not!

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And intend, huh? Lol.
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5 hours ago, MedwedianPresident said:

When I ask myself if the engines will burn out when sitting in a plane

That is a frequent concern for a devoted (sorta) player such as I.

When you look at a real-life rocket, and start thinking away 5 possible ways to 

  1. Reduce its part-count (man, that must have suffered a lot of lag! Wait...)
  2. Build it in KSP.
  3. Make it sturdier

I literally once looked at a missile in a book about spaceflight and thought 5 ways to do all 3 of those. Unfortunatly I never got around to making it, and the type of the missile has been lost to time.

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A semi-truck with low-bed was passing by, carrying two steam-rollers and the asphalt-laying machine, completely crowded front to end.

Thought 1. What a masterful packing of payload.

Thought 2. How would one put a fairing on that?

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You know you're playing too much KSP when you end up getting a cool mission idea stuck in your head and you haven't finished your current grand mission ...

I really need to finish the Grand Tour. 2 More bodies to land and then i can return!

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OH! You know the forums have lots of dedicated members when you realize 1.5 is out without looking at the "Announcements" forum

16 minutes ago, RealKerbal3x said:

Mine capitalises MOAR.

See, it just did.

a ha ha we posted at the same time.

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