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[1.05/1.1] CA Nerva HT Engine [v1.0] 3-27-16


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Nerva HT Engine v1.0

Late-game 2.5m Nuclear Engine. I was originally asked to model an engine for this mod, but unfortunately the mod was halted and I never got to finish it. I went back to my original draft and started over to release the engine model on my own and use it to learn how to mod KSP from Unity.




Real Plume config by @VenomousRequiem. Module Manager required for RealPlume configs.


Please check out my Development Thread for my new ProbesPlus mod!






Please let me know if you release anything based on my work. I'd love to check it out!


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13 hours ago, eddiew said:

Nice, looks much better than a tweakscaled stock LV-N. Something to power the inevitable Jool missions :)

11 hours ago, Thraken said:

Looks good.

How does it compare (thrust, weight, ISP) to the Nuclear Light-bulb from this mod?

Thanks! The original mod way back I think made it super powered. I scaled it a bit closer to the other stock engines so I don't know how it does against any other mods. If they are also scaled to the stock parts, then they should be fairly comparable. I welcome any feedback if you think it needs a boost or a nerf.

Currently it has a mass of 7.5 and a Max thrust of 200. It's alternator is pretty beefy for its size, I think, generating 7 EC/s.

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