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More warp time to aircraft fly

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Lately I have been playing the game in career mode, in hard difficulty, the true is that I have lots of problem, but are not money or science problems...

...are time problems.


The control of rocket, although is in hard difficulty, is moderately relaxing and fast, when you are in orbit, you can add a very big warp time.


The problem is the aircraft fly (and the use of other types of non-space vehicles), to explore the biomes of the itself planet.

The aircraft fly is very slow compared with the rocket fly, implies lots of time-outs, without have to interact in the game, this is really annoying.


I suggest add the possibility of warp more than "x4 time speed" when you are in a big height with a stable position, to solve these time-outs of interaction and make the exploration of biomes with aircraft more pleasurable and satisfactory.

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