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[1.8+] DebugStuff - (2020-06-29) See the hidden secrets of the game objects

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Debug stuff is a simple plugin that allows you to display the transform & colliders of a part in wireframe and display the part Hierarchy in a window. It was created to help understanding how the new legs work.

The window is opened with ALT P and you select an Object by holding shift and moving the cursor over your ship. The dump button will save the content of the window to your log. You can change the current mode between PART, UI and OBJECT. Each one will target specific type of object. The -/+ button limit how far up in the object parent the display goes.

Licence : MIT

Source : https://github.com/sarbian/DebugStuff

Download : DebugStuff-


DebugStuff1.png DebugStuff2.png



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Just to double check, you reuploaded the fixed version with the working ALT-P yes? And are we talking ALT-P or MOD-P?

FYI: ALT-P conflicts with the Vessel Mover mod by Baha; MOD-P conflicts with Part Commander and Pathfinder.:P

I know this is probably a one and done type deal and you're off busy slaying 1.1 krakens or what have you, but any chance of some type basic out of game little settings file to set your keybind (in the off chance that's the issue, if not, ignore request)? Obviously, low priority, back of the line, I know. It's just that I have high hopes for this mod, not having access to UNITY, but currently, no workie workie.

I did the download again (not the source), unzipped, put the debug folder with the dll + license in my game data folder. Nada. Tried in flight scene and vab.

Any suggestions anyone has would be much appreciated.


Linux 64 bit btw, still using the ancient and out dated 1.0.5...wait, here's a thought - does this even work with 1.0.5 or is it for 1.1-pre only?

@sarbianSo when you say 1.1 in the title, do you mean only 1.1 as in no 1.0.5? Damn I'm a swift one. Anyway, as I mentioned above, ALT-P & MOD-P have a number of conflicts, which may or may not concern you. I look forward to trying this in 1.1.:D


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28 minutes ago, sarbian said:

1.1 is out. You can switch to UI mode (yes the button are horrible, I ll do better next time) and display the hierarchy of the stock UI. (Also a GameObject mode but it is not finished)




You just got 2 likes. One for the mod, and one for the toolbar button :)

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Adds a working object mode (but you can only select object with a collider), improve the drawing performance and allow switching between collider and mesh display.

Be aware that the object mode has no limit on the hierarchy, so it can make thing a "bit" slow if you select an item that will bring the whole scene with it. I ll add a limit later. And I will cull what is not visible too ...

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And now 1.3 is out.

  • Bugs fix to the Object mode.
  • Limits to how much parents are displayed in object and UI mode
  • Swtich to turn On/Off each displays
  • Bounds displays (a lot faster than mesh)
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Woah! Do you think this still runs in 1.2 or would it need an update? - I'm going to test it on my install in a few.

EDIT: @sarbian it appears as though only the "Labels" button functions in 1.2. - I cannot view colliders or other options when they are selected and shift over parts. :(

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