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Detecting whether a part is attached to the planetary surface

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False alarm, sorry, it was something entirely different that caused the issues. Any moderators around can lock this if they want!


I'm working on an add-on, Wildfire, where parts run checks on its connected parts to determine whether the part should catch fire or not. However, while setting up a small base using Kerbal Attachment System I encounter a massive amount of throws, and I suspect it's related to attaching objects to the planet's surface and the module trying to check its connected part, which in this case would be the planets surface (or whatever is in between, depending on how KAS works).

I tried looking through the KAS source, but (since I only have limited knowledge with all this), I couldn't find anything useful. Therefore I'm wondering is there any convenient way figuring out whether or not a part is connected to the planet surface (and/or other static objects) using KAS? That way I can just have it being put in an exclusion list.

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