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Blue Origin Thread (merged)

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SpaceX has apparently heard your pleas. They will have one "hosted" stream, and one with our normal rocket speak, according to their post. 


"SpaceX webcast will go live at about 1:15pm ET/10:15am PT.

For our full hosted webcast, use this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivdKRJzl6y0

For views of rocket, launch countdown audio and telemetry info, use this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkz_lclGXNg

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That's awesome, the hosted thing last time was just awful. If I wanna see stuff like that I can watch the youtube junk my kids watch, or twitch (shudder). :)

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10 minutes ago, Scotius said:

Oh my...London would be proud of that fog. Thick as milkshake. Hopefully it's nothing hindering the launch.

Weather was ok some minutes ago, so doesn't seem to be a problem.

T-15 min

Clear for launch

There seems to be a small prop issue, but seems go for terminal count

Go for terminal count

Terminal count started

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5 minutes ago, Scotius said:

Do we have any data about weather at Barge's position?

Had a live view of the barge on the Jason-3 Rocket and Countdown Only steam, it looked clear enough to see passed the barge.
So a landing would be easily seen. It looked calm too or calm enough. It was a short clip.

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