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I'm trying to manipulate with AirIntakes, and I need to change the values in the module "ModuleResourceIntake". I have created a new module for IntakeSwitch which have my new values I wish to inject into the "ModuleResourceIntake".

I think confignode is the way to go, but I just can't figure out, how the manipulate with specific value/nodes in a specific module.

I've tried to outline the structure of a part and my new module. In GTI_IntakeSwitch under resourceNames I have the list of alternative resource I at runtime want to be able to inject into the module ModuleResourceIntake.

Node structure

	name = XXX
		name = ModuleResourceIntake
		resourceName = IntakeAir
		checkForOxygen = true
		###other values###
		name = GTI_IntakeSwitch
		resourceNames = IntakeAir, IntakeAtm
		###other target values###
		name = IntakeAir
		amount = 2
		maxAmount = 2

I would really like to understand:

  • How do I control which node i work in.
  • Replace a node
  • How to change a value in a node
  • How to read a specific value
  • How the get the changes to take effect

So basically how the confignode construct works.

I have searched around a lot, but it is just not coming to together for me. I have a node replacement working, but that kind of copy paste, and I don't undertand to inner working of it, otherwise I would guess I had figured this out by now.

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4 minutes ago, Crzyrndm said:

Thanks... I will study this, and see if I can deduce what I need to know from the :)

Happy coding!!!

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