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Kerbal Weights

Various weights for al your everyday needs. Tweakscale recommended.

Download on SpaceDock

Download on Curse

This parts pack includes a variety of different weights for use wherever need be. Examples: Launcher ballast, side-mounted rover counterweight, submarine ballast. The inline weights can decouple, leaving only a lighter mount behind. Tweakscale is highly recommended as there are only one size in terms of diameter for the weights.




Creative Commons License
Kerbal Weights by SkylerA. is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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Version 1.0 Imgur Album update
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On April 7, 2016 at 1:29 AM, Poofer said:

Reason? Are you sure you're in the right place?

It's calculated so that the max amount of leadWeight you can put in there would be the maximum amount of lead you could put in there in real life (approximately). Basically the same as 0.1, but with better masses and being able to lower those masses

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Version 0.3 Released

  • Now supports KSP 1.1.2
  • Fixed size issue with Inline Weights
  • Made "click strips" more clickable
  • Remodeled/retextured Radial Mount
    • Same look, slightly different model
    • Due to a weird error, the mount must be turned to the correct position in the VAB
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Bad formatting
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Version 0.31 Released!

  • Anvil added because of popular demand
  • Radial Weight Mount placement bug fixed
    • Now places correctly on flat surfaces, not sideways and on the object
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May I request some weight plates. Something heavy (not OP if you can consider adding dead weight OP) but can be shoved between the heat shield and the payload and maybe even be decoupled too. I want to have something you can use to adjust the COM without making the payload more ballistic missile shaped. I find many of the things that help lower the COM make it longer by as much if not more than it lowers the COM. meaning that some payloads just want to go nose down and a heat shield on both ends is rarely an option for many reasons like docking, launching, forward facing antenna's, aesthetics, etc.

No need for this right now but add the part or if I find a reason I'll definitely download this. If not I'll just make the part myself next time I need it.

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13 minutes ago, mindseyemodels said:

update required

this thread hasn't had any posts for more than 6 months so you're probably sol

Also, please don't go to 10 threads and say "update required". Us modders work for free because we enjoy it and we are nice enough to share our work with everyone. Saying something as rude as "update required" can and has made people quit kill their mods/quit modding completely. I get that you want your mods to be updated but you're doing it the wrong way. Take a minute or two, read the thread, see if the modder is still around, and then say something like "Hey I really love this mod, are you planning to update it to the newest ksp version?"

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