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Surface Sample weight and collection Process

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Hi Guys,

this is another quick thought that I got when I was grinding science on the Mun.
My process looks like this right now:
-Descend and land
-Deploy all Science Instruments
-Collect all Data from the Instruments and reset them
-Get to the Surface
-Collect EVA Report, Surface Samples and plant the Flag
-Get back in the Craft
-Take off
This way I spend max. 2minutes on the Mun before I take off again, which feels a bit "odd".

How about to go ahead and add a Resource to the Kerbals and the Command Pods that is called "Surface Samples".
Each Kerbal can collect up to 25kg of Surface Samples which will add up to the equivalent of taking a surface sample right now.
But, each time you collect a sample, it will only give you only 5kg and these samples can only be picked up in a radius of 50m (or more) away from each other.
(Maybe you could even use the Terrain Features that are still experimental and gives those Rocks and Boulders that you find on the surface a use)

This way you would have to roam around on a Moon or Planet maybe even by using a Rover that you brought along.
It would also give Ladders a greater use as the Kerbals are now 25% heavier and the Jetpacks TWR would be more limited.

This Idea might have some flawes, like many of the things do that I come up with, but I felt I should share it anyways.

Feel free to discuss. :)

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Well, it makes a whole lot more sense doing it this way. I am in favor of doing this. Maybe you could get more science from far off locations, where distance traveled is the determining factor. Or maybe there could be a thing such as sub-biomes within biomes, where surface samples give different outcomes. Well, there should be more to it. And yes, I also want a thorough science overhaul.

Anyway, I really like the idea.

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It would be interesting, but also probably pretty hard, and I think there's a lot of players who what to ba able to get out a push without also dragging 25 kilograms of rocks with them.

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I wouldn't mind some sort of "easter egg hunt" mechanic for surface samples. Have the game generate a specific location on the surface within a certain radius of your landing coordinates, and add some sort of "test location" EVA command. Testing a location gives you a some sort of "warmer" or "colder" feedback until it leads you to the target area. The closer you get to the target, the more science the surface sample returns. Rinse and repeat as necessary. 

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Yeah, the current land, pop out, pick up sample, pop back in, fly away mechanic never seemed right to me (at least from a roleplaying perspective). Also, it makes building rovers almost pointless. To mitigate this in my campaigns, I usually try to land near the edge of a biome so I need to move around on the surface to pick up more than one sample.

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