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[1.2] No More Grind Redux


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This is a very simple mod to do what No More Grind did back in the day. i.e., reduce (or increase) the price of facility upgrades by a given multiplier, by default, to 10%.

All the actual work is done by sarbian's Custom Barn Kit which is a required prerequisite for this mod to do anything at all, as is Module Manager. All this is is a MM configuration file for those who don't feel comfortable writing their own configuration file to get this functionality.

To change the multiplier from 10% to some other value, open up degrind.cfg in the GameData\NoMoreGrindRedux folders and edit the 0.1s in various places to whatever multiplier you would like. Don't change the rest of the file, and which apply to which facility should be reasonably self-evident.

No More Grind Redux is in the public domain.

Download here: http://spacedock.info/mod/523/No%20More%20Grind%20Redux



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1.2 compatibility
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4 hours ago, Booots said:

Just so you know, I liked what this mod let me do to make my career mode so much less grindy. If Custom Barn Kit updates to 1.2, you'll have at least one person downloading this. :)

Last I heard, the CBK developer was planning to update it, so hopefully that'll be soon.

(I've already flipped the 1.2 compatibility switch on this on Spacedock, so it should be ready to download as soon as CBK is.)


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