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BAD-T Arenas and Airfields


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BAD-T Arenas and Airbases is as set of World War II themed KerbalKonstructs Statics and Prefabs originally made for and used by the BAD-T Tournament as air combat arenas. At present this pack contains 6 Arenas and Airbases scattered across Kerbin. This pack requires KerbalKonstructs to function.

Included airbases and locations:


Boostershire Farms 2v2 (medium)


Medium sized farm located adjacent to one of Kerbin's mighty rivers. Teams start facing away from each other. Runway length: 450m

Keenemunde Rocket Base 2v2 (Small)


Small re-purposed launch site converted to serve as an arena. Teams start facing away from each other. Runway length: 300m

Crater Fleet 2v2 (Small)


A pair of vintage carrier groups a few kilometers apart.
Teams start facing each other. Runway length; 260m.

Aircraft Factory 2v2 (Small)


An aircraft factory with attached airstrips overlooking an alpine lake. Teams start facing away from each other. Runway length: 300m

Pyramid Site 2v2 (large)


An expeditionary airbase deep in Kerbin's primary desert.
A secondary pair of runways are hidden away a few kilometers from the site. Teams start facing each other. Runway length; 850m

Oasis 3v3 (large)


An arena built around an oasis deep in the desert. Teams start 
perpendicular to each other. Runway length; 850m


All arena runways are divided into two teams. in the KK launch site menu they will appear as ArenaName A1/A2/B1/B2 for easy setup of craft. An exception to this is the carrier arena, which only features a single pair of runway launch sites. While the carriers are wide enough to support multiple craft taking off from them, additional craft will need to be manually placed via Hyperedit or VesselMover or similar.

All arenas were built using Default terrain detail; using Low or High terrain detail may result in floating/buried statics due to variances in terrain topography depending on detail setting.

Download from SpaceDock

The contents of this mod are distributed a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0)
This pack makes use of textures from KerbinSide by AlphaAsh; textures used with permission.


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