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[1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9


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Version: 1.2.9
Download: githubspacedock, CKAN
Source: github
Documentation: wiki
License: Unlicense
Require: KSP 1.3.0, MM 2.8.0

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Go beyond the routine of orbital mechanics and experience the full set of engineering challanges that space has to offer. This mod extend KSP by simulating the crew, the components, the resources and the environment in a more complex way. All mechanics can be configured to some degree, or even disabled if you don't like some of them. A big part of the mod is fully data-driven, so that you can create your own customized gameplay with only a text editor and a minimal amount of espresso. Or simply use the set of rules already included, or the ones shared by other users. What follow is a summary description of the capabilities of the mod, and for a more detailed documentation the user is invited to read the wiki.


Contrary to popular belief, the observable universe is not a sphere of 3km radius centered around the active vessel. All mechanics are simulated for loaded and unloaded vessels alike, without exception. Acceptable performance was obtained by a mix of smart approximations and common sense. The computational complexity is by and large independent from the number of vessels.


This isn't your classic post-facto resource simulation. Consumption and production work for all vessels, all the time, and is coherent irregardless of warp speed or storage capacity. Complex chains of transformations just work. Enjoy designing missions without the luxury of stopping the flow of time. No suspension of disbelief required.


The environment of space is modelled in a simple yet effective way. Temperature is calculated using the direct solar flux, the indirect solar flux bouncing off from celestial bodies, and the radiative infrared cooling of their surfaces. The simulation of the latter is especially interesting, and contrary to popular models it is able to reproduce satisfatory results for both atmospheric and atmosphere-less worlds. Radiation is implemented using an overlapping hierarchy of 3d zones, modelled and rendered using signed distance fields. These are used to simulate inner and outer belts, magnetospheres and even the heliopause. Solar weather is represented by Coronal Mass Ejection events, that happen sporadically, increase radiation and cause communication blackouts.


The habitat of vessels is modelled in terms of internal volume, external surface, and a set of dedicated pseudo-resources. These elements are then used to calculate such things as: living space per-capita, the pressure and co2 level of the internal atmosphere, and radiation shielding. Individual habitats can be enabled or disabled, in the editor and in flight, to reconfigure the internal space and everything associated with it during the mission. Inflatable habitats are driven directly by the part pressure.


Your crew need a constant intake of Food, Water and Oxygen. Failure to provide for these needs will result in uncerimonious death. Configurable supply containers are provided.


The era of tin can interplanetary travel is over. Your crew need some living space, however minimal. Failure to provide enough living space will result in unforeseen events in the vessel, the kind that happen when operators lose concentration. While not fatal directly, they often lead to fatal consequences later on. Some basic comforts can be provided to delay the inevitable mental breakdown. Nothing fancy, just things like windows to look out, antennas to call back home, or gravity rings to generate artificial gravity. Finally, recent research point out that living in a pressurized environment is vastly superior to living in a suit. So bring some Nitrogen to compensate for leaks and keep the internal atmosphere at an acceptable pressure.



Your crew evolved in particular conditions of temperature, and at a very low level of radiation. You should reproduce these conditions whenever your crew go, no matter the external temperature or radiation at that point. Or else death ensue. The vessel habitat can be climatized at the expense of ElectricCharge. Environment radiation can be shielded by applying material layers to the hull, with obvious longevity-mass tradeoff.


A set of ECLSS components is available for installation in any pod. The scrubber for example, that must be used to keep the level of CO2 in the internal atmosphere below a threshold. Or the pressure control system, that can be used to maintain a comfortable atmospheric pressure inside the vessel. In general, if you ever heard of some kind of apparatus used by space agencies to keep the crew alive, you will find it in this mod.



No life-support-like mod would be complete without a greenhouse of some kind. The one included in this mod has a relatively complete set of input resources and by-products, in addition to some more unique characteristics like a lamp that adapt consumption to natural lighting, emergency harvesting, pressure requirements and radiation tolerance.


The stock ISRU converters can host a set of reality-inspired chemical processes. The emerging chains provide a flexible and at the same time challenging system to keep your crew alive. The stock ISRU harvesters functionality has been replaced with an equivalent one that is easier to plan against, as it is now vital for long-term manned missions. The means to harvest from atmospheres is also present, given the importance of atmospheric resources in this regard. A planetary resource distribution that mimick the real solar sytem complete the package.


Components don't last forever in the real world. This is modelled by a simple system that can trigger failures on arbitrary modules. Manufacturing quality can be choosen in the editor, per-component, and improve the MTBF but also require extra cost and mass. The crew can inspect and repair malfunctioned components. Redundancy become a key aspect of the design phase.


An alternative to the stock CommNet system is provided. Theres is a difference between low-gain and high-gain antennas: the former used for short-range inter-vessel communications, the latter always implicitly pointing at DSN. Transmission rates are realistic, and scale with distance to the point that it may take a long time to transmit data from the outer solar system. Data transmission happen transparently in loaded and unloaded vessels, as usual. The resulting communication system is simple, yet it also results in more realistic vessel and mission designs. Tiny hypnotic science-blue spheres travel the link lines to represent data transmission. 


Data is collected and stored in the vessel solid state drives, instead of the stock science containers. Moving data around the vessel doesn't require extra vehicular activities. Some data can be transmitted back directly, while other data need to be analyzed in a lab first. Analyzing take a long time, happen transparently to loaded and unloaded vessels alike, and can't be cheated to create science out of thin air. An interesting method is used to bridge existing stock and third-party experiments to the new science system, that work for most experiments without requiring ad-hoc support.


Components can be automated using a minimalist scripting system, with a graphical editor. Scripts are triggered manually or by environmental conditions. You can create a script to turn on all the lights as soon as the Sun is not visible anymore, or retract all solar panels as soon as you enter an atmosphere.


The UI provided by this mod took more than 5 minutes to write. A planner UI is available in the editor, to help the user design around all the new mechanics introduced. The planner analysis include resource estimates, habitat informations, redundancy analysis, connectivity simulation, multi-environment radiation details and more. To monitor the status of vessels, the monitor UI is also provided. This look like a simple list of vessels at first, but just click on it to discover an ingenuous little organizer that allow to watch vessel telemetry, control components, create scripts, manage your science data including transmission and analysis, and configure the alerts per-vessel.


Most stock modules and some third-party ones are emulated for what concerns the mechanics introduced by the mod. The level of support depend on the specific module, and may include: simulation of resource consumption and production in unloaded vessels, fixing of timewarp issues in loaded vessels, the ability to disable the module after malfunctions, and the means to start and stop the module in an automation script.


Most mods work together with this one, others don't. Such is life. For a non-exaustive list of supported mods have a look inside the Support folder. Some of the interactions deserve a special mention:

- sensors consume EC in background and their cost is evalued by the planner EC
- sensors are shut down and restarted in background depending on EC availability

- all rules are suspended for hibernated Kerbals
- the vessel info window show frozen Kerbals with a different color

- curved solar panels, reactors, fission generators and RTGs produce EC in background and are considered by the planner

- the coverters will work in background and are considered by the planner

- experiments data size has been tweaked for background data transmission

- custom radiation definitions for these planet packs are provided


This project wouldn't have been possible without the contributions of an awesome community of people, too many to mention individually. Thanks guys.

And special thanks to the artists that provided all the part:

  • mehka: gravity ring
  • Nazari1382: geiger counter, small supply container
  • tygoo7: medium and big supply containers, radial pressurized container
  • zzz: greenhouse, active shield


I may have found a bug

Try to reproduce it consistently, then provide me with a savegame that demonstrate the issue. Include log files, screenshots, and reproduction steps. Post the report here, or raise an issue on github.

I want to add support for this to my parts

Add the appropriate modules to your parts. Check the wiki on github for the module specifications.

I want to interact with this mod in code

Have a look at System/API.cs source code on github. Raise an issue to request more functions.









- ported to KSP
- improved SSTU support patch (@Maxzhao1999)

  - rebalanced atmosphere leak rate from ISS data
  - new process in chemical plant: SCO (selective catalytic oxidation of NH3 to N2)
  - radiation fields can now be oriented using a specific reference body
  - lowered abundance thresholds of ore and co2 harvesters
  - scale part icon of pressurized radial containers
  - custom order of part icons in our category
  - Coatl Aerospace support patch (@dieDoktor)
  - fix: properly detect if drill head intersect ground
  - fix: no more signal warnings on prelaunch
  - fix: false detection of incoherent oxygen production
  - fix: try to not break AmpYear/BonVoyage solar panel output detection

  - remember window position (@PiezPiedPie)
  - depressurizing habitats also vent WasteAtmosphere
  - improved ec and supply icon tooltips in monitor
  - fix: too generous gift package for resque missions
  - fix: comfort from parts not overriding environment factors
  - fix: disable modules on tutorial scenarios
  - fix: wrong pressurized state inside breathable atmosphere
  - fix: excessive cryotank background consumption

  - improved Bluedog support patch (@ModZero)
  - SSTU support patch (@Maxzhao1999)
  - reduced monoprop fuel cell rates, adapt to required EC  
  - fix: planner not considering solar panels after last update
  - fix: exception in Configure module for crafts that never entered VAB  
  - fix: duplicate extend/retract in some supported antennas

  - detect and avoid issues at high timewarp in external modules
  - hack stock solar panels and RTGs to use resource cache
  - RTGs decay over time, with an half-life of 28.8 kerbin-years  
  - corrected all chemical reactions, some were very wrong  
  - fix: solar panel sun visibility sampling error at max timewarp for loaded vessels (#95)
  - fix: impossible to guarantee coherency in resource simulation of loaded vessels (#96)  

  - SMURFF compatibility patch (@eberkain)
  - Laboratory module satisfy stock contracts
  - fix: resource amount not clamped to capacity
  - fix: script editor window UB after scene changes

  - resource cache production/consumption simulate ALL_VESSEL_BALANCED
  - added Waste Incinerator process to ISRU chemical plants
  - moved Waste Compressor process from manned pods to ISRU chemical plants
  - EVA kerbals now have a non-regenerative scrubber, with fixed duration
  - increased amount of EC and Oxygen on EVA kerbals
  - improved description of configure setups
  - scale low-gain and high-gain antenna distances differently in supported planet packs  
  - lowered xmit scalar threshold used to deduce if data is file or sample  
  - safemode malfunctions don't stop timewarp anymore
  - support patch for RLA Stockalike Continued (@YaarPodshipnik)
  - NearFuture PB-AS-NUK emit radiation (@YaarPodshipnik)

  - fix: remove stock antenna from probe cores

  - new ECLSS component: Waste Compressor, compress Waste into Shielding
  - new ECLSS component: Monoprop Fuel Cell, burn Monoprop and has Water+Nitrogen by-products
  - atmosphere is breathable on all bodies containing oxygen, when pressure is above 25 kPA
  - proper experience bonus calculation in stock converters and harvesters (@Gotmachine)
  - MOLE solar panels support in planner and background simulation  (@Gotmachine)
  - support patches for SXT & HGR, improved patches for VSR & HabTech, and more (@Eberkain)
  - support patch for OrbitalTug (@PiezPiedPie)    
  - fix: cache stop updating after planting flag (#50, #52, #75)
  - fix: exception in main loop when space weather is disabled (#78)
  - fix: exception in planner analysis when comfort modifier is used in a process (#79)  
  - fix: greenhouse harvest ready message spam
  - fix: missing configure setup descriptions in some cases  

  - process: it is possible to specify the set of output resources that can be dumped overboard
  - background/planner simulation of stock converter module support DumpExcess flag
  - fuel cell, water recycler and waste processor adapt consumption to required production
  - reduced atmosphere leak rate by 80%
  - allow scripts to be executed even without electric charge
  - added HardDrive to labs
  - removed ControlRate setting
  - fat-finger breakdown event support new Science system (#53)
  - fix: do not allow stock science lab modules around when Science is enabled
  - fix: toggling processes on unloaded vessels using automation doesn't really toggle it (#71)

  - SoundingRockets support patch by ValynEritai
  - BluedogDesignBureau support patch by ValynEritai & Maxzhao1999
  - OrbitalScience sigint antenna support patch by alaxandir
  - increased amount of resources on_rescue
  - waste processor can be toggled on/off
  - rebalanced ECLSS modules, capacity now proportional to crew capacity
  - rebalanced climatization: less EC cost, longer degeneration time
  - greenhouse has integrated pressure control
  - monitor panels require a connection on unmanned vessels
  - only remove stock conversions from ISRU, don't touch third-party ones
  - there is now an Extra/ folder containing patches not enabled by default
  - ad-hoc habitat volume/surfaces for all stock parts and a ton of other ones, by schrema
  - fix: amount of configurable resources is reset after vessel load in editor
  - fix: wrong capacity in ISRU setups
  - fix: wrong savegame version saved
  - fix: missing setup details in Configure window when module is defined after (#57)
  - fix: missing name of non-stock tech in Configure module part tooltip (#58)
  - fix: monitor don't forget selected vessel when flagged as debris after selection (#60)
  - fix: automation panel throw exception on duplicate id (#65)
  - fix: asset bundle loading cause problems in HullCam/KronalVesselViewer (#66)
  - fix: ContractConfigurator packs not working with Laboratory/Antenna module (#68)  

  - the science dialog is back (but can be hidden with settings)
  - stop disabling Science if ScienceRelay is detected
  - new API functions to deal with science data
  - better support for SSPX by Yaar Podshipnik
  - telemetry env readings require sensor parts
  - kerbin magnetotail now extend just beyond mun orbit
  - SCANsat support in automation
  - show BodyInfo window automatically the first time user enter map view or tracking station
  - tweak antenna distances on supported planet packs
  - fix: popup message about data when entering from EVA
  - fix: configure window is closed when related part is deleted in editor
  - fix: minor fixes in Science.cfg
  - fix: heliopause crossing contract
  - fix: pass credits instead of data size when firing OnScienceReceived event
  - fix: do not throw exception during data hijacking if science container is not present
  - new Experiment module with custom situation support (WIP, currently disabled)

  - HardDrive module implement IScienceDataContainer
  - monitor auto-switch vessel
  - window get scroll bars if necessary
  - fix: prevent camera scroll is working again
  - fix: show monitor panels depending on features enabled

  - improved the ui
  - JX2Antenna support patch by YaarPodshipnik
  - ContractConfigurator support patch by Gotmachine

  Rule framework
    - multiple profiles can cohexist in the same installation, only one is enabled from user settings
    - Process: vessel-wide resource consumer/producers driven by modifiers
    - split Supply out of Rule, for additional flexibility
    - can use resource amount as a modifier
    - many new modifiers, to leverage the information provided by habitat
  Features framework
    - user specified features are set by a flag in settings
    - other features are detected automatically from the modifiers used in the active profile
    - inject MM patches during loading screen, before MM is executed
    - third parties can check for specific features or profiles by using NEEDS[]
    - parts are enabled/disabled automatically depending on features used
  Resource cache
    - new 'exact, order-agnostic' algorithm for consumption/production chains at arbitrary timesteps
    - consider interval-based outputs in depletion estimates
    - new module Configure: can select between setups in the VAB or in flight
    - setups can specify resources and/or modules
    - setups can include extra cost and mass
    - setups can be unlocked with technologies
    - configuration UI, that show info on modules and resources for a setup
    - new module Habitat: replace CLS internal spaces
    - used to calculate internal volume in m^3, and surface in m^2
    - can be disabled/enabled even in flight to configure the internal space as required
    - support inflatable habitats
    - can be pressurized/depressurized
    - can keep track of level of CO2 in the internal atmosphere
    - can be added to parts with no crew capacity
    - improved module: Greenhouse
    - lamps intensity is determined automatically, and is expressed in W/m^2
    - can have radiation and pressure thresholds for growth
    - can require an arbitrary set of input resources
    - can produce an arbitrary set of by-product resources
    - growth will degenerate if lighting/radiation/pressure conditions aren't met
    - planetary resource definitions based on real data
    - new module Harvester: for crustal/atmospheric resource extraction, use abundance/pressure thresholds
  Wet workshops
    - some stock tanks can now be configured as either fuel tanks or habitats, even in flight
    - new module Comfort: replace Entertainment and provide a specific bonus, added to some stock parts
    - modified module GravityRing: now provide firm-ground bonus
    - living space is calculated from volume per-capita
    - shielding required is now determined by habitat surface, and map to millimeters of Pb
    - rtg emit a small amount of radiation
    - single page layout, with panel selection
    - show consumers/producers of a resource in tooltip
    - improved/redesigned most panels
    - redundancy analysis for Reliability panel
    - improved subsystem: Reliability
    - support arbitrary third party modules
    - components are now disabled when they fail
    - two types of failures: malfunctions (can be repaired) and critical failures (can't be repaired)
    - safemode: there is a chance of remote repairs for unmanned vessels
    - components can be assigned to redundancy groups
    - an optional redundancy incentive is provided: when a component fail, all others in the same redundancy group delay their next failure
    - removed 'manufacturing quality'
    - can select quality per-component in the vab, high quality means higher cost and/or mass but longer MTBF
    - improved: focus on data transmission rates and differences between low-gain and high-gain antennas
    - high-gain antennas: can communicate only with DSN
    - low-gain antennas: can communicate with DSN and with other vessels
    - low-gain antennas: can be flagged as 'relay' to receive data from other vessels
    - can choose what level of control to lose without a connection:
      . 'none' (lose all control),
      . 'limited' (same as CommNet limited control) and
      . 'full' (only disable data transmission)
    - easy parameters for antenna definitions
    - simple data rate attenuation model
    - render data transmission particles during data transmission
    - disable CommNet automatically when enabled
    - connection status is obtained by CommNet or RemoteTech when signal is disabled
    - new signal panel in vessel info window, show data rates, destination and file being transmitted
    - new subsystem: Science, improve on data storage, transmission and analysis
    - transmit data over time, even in background
    - analyze data over time, even in background
    - the background data transmission work with Signal, CommNet or RemoteTech.
    - new module: HardDrive, replace stock data container, can flag files for transmission and lab analysis
    - new module: Laboratory, can analyze samples and produce transmissible data
    - work with all science experiment modules, both stock and third-party, by hijacking the science result dialog
    - data storage: can store multiple results of same experiment type, can transfer to other parts without requiring EVA
    - data storage: can still be stored on EVA kerbals, and EVA kerbals can take/store data from/to pods
    - data UI: show files and samples per-vessel, can flag for transmission or analysis, can delete files or samples
    - properly credit the science over time
    - do not break science collection contracts
    - removed the Console and command interpreter
    - new scripting system: not text-based anymore
    - new component control and script editing UI
    - script editor UI highlight parts for ease of use
    - ported to KSP 1.2.2
    - consistent part naming scheme
    - rebalanced mass/cost of all parts
    - improved part descriptions
    - do not change stock EC producers/consumers anymore
    - adapted all support patches, removed the ones not necessary anymore
    - shaders are loaded from asset bundle
    - removed workarounds for old SCANsat versions
    - some Settings added, others removed
    - action group support for all modules
    - properly support multiple modules of the same type in the same part
    - optimized how animations in modules are managed
    - can optionally use the stock message system instead of our own
    - can optionally simulate the effect of tracking pivots on solar panels orientability
    - removed helmet handling for EVA kerbals
    - doesn't require CRP anymore, but it will still work along it
    - improved how crew requirements are specified in modules
    - show limited body info window when Sun is selected, instead of nothing
    - new contract: analyze sample in space
    - new contract: cross the heliopause
    - rebalanced ec consumers/producers
    - show tooltips in vessel info
    - use common style for all part info tooltips
    - AtomicAge engines emit radiation (ThePsion5)
    - more love for VenStockRevamp patch (YaarPodshipnik)
  Profile: 'Default'
    - rewritten from scratch
    - balanced consumption rates from real data
    - balanced container capacity from real data
    - water
    - co2 poisoning
    - pressurization: influence quality of life
    - configurable ECLSS in pods: scrubber, water recycler, pressure control, waste processing
    - configurable supply containers: can store Food, Water, Waste
    - configurable pressurized tanks: can store Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Ammonia
    - greenhouse: require Ammonia and Water, produce Oxygen and WasteWater as by-product, need to be pressurized, has radiation threshold
    - stock ISRU plants can be configured with one among a set of reality-inspired chemical processes
    - stock drills can be configured with a specific resource harvester
    - stock atmo experiment is also used as configurable atmospheric harvester
    - stock fuel cells act like real fuel cells
    - new part: Chemical Plant, can execute reality-inspired chemical processes, unlocked early in the tech tree
  Profile: 'Classic'
    - this profile mimick the old default profile, without the new stuff
  Profile: 'None'
    - choose this if you want to play with third-party life support mods
  Bugs fixed
    - fix: nasty problem with interaction between cache and analytical sunlight estimation
    - fix: radiation body definitions were not loaded in some cases
    - fix: planner, stock laboratory EC consumption wasn't considered
    - fix: planner, solar panel flux estimation was considering atmo factor even in space
    - fix: planner, correctly skip disabled modules
    - fix: spurious signal loss message when undocking
    - fix: maintain notes and scripts even after docking/undocking
    - fix: highlighting of malfunction components in pods
    - fix: in monitor UI signal icon, show all relays in the chain
    - fix: bug with killing eva kerbals while iterating the list of crew
    - fix: exception when loading dead eva kerbals
    - fix: module index mismatch when loading dead eva kerbals

Previous changelogs are available here.

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What the what! This mod has the capability to expand the game's scope significantly. Can't wait to try this out. Thanks for working on this.


ninja edit: will wait until 1.1 compatible release.

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This sounds very interesting and ultra hard as well. I'll take a look at it once you get it ready for 1.1. Going back to 1.05 is a no go for me, now that I can finally play again :)

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5 minutes ago, v1per said:

This sounds very interesting and ultra hard as well. I'll take a look at it once you get it ready for 1.1. Going back to 1.05 is a no go for me, now that I can finally play again :)

Well i mean 1.1 is going to be released relatively soontm  so I don't expect a long life on 1.0.5. I wouldn't switch back to 1.0.5 if you paid me. I'd consider it, and depending on my circumstances, I might, but I'm definitely not gonna switch back       unless you paid me.....maybe... but probably not

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You know, it would be awesome to have an option to leave life support on TAC, malfunctions to DangIt/Entropy and communications to RemoteTech. I really like the idea of radiation, space weather and that quality of life stuff, but sacrificing mods above for less realistic analogs would be somewhat cheaty.

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About KSP 1.1: this will get updated for 1.1 as soon as I get my hands on it.

About disabling part of the mods: early in the design i through about making separate mods, but then choosed to go fully integrated. This was painfull code-wise, but in the end it allowed me to make all mechanics interact with each other and have a common user interface.

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Looks very interesting, will try it once 1.1 is done.

Can certain parts be turned off? Namely if you prefer the other TAC, Dangit, Remotetech etc? As these are well developed mods

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The problem is that yours target audience, people who like more realism in ksp, can't use it with their must-have mods. Like Realism Overhaul for example.
Sure it makes ksp more realistic, somewhat middleway between stock and RO/RSS, but I hope you'll consider making it more compatible with what other people already done on this.

And after all, it's much easier to tell your program not to do something in certain conditions than to program that "something" in the first place.

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@KvaNTy Well I never played Realism Overhaul but I don't see why the two mods should be incompatible. For RSS, this mod make no assumptions about the solar system features. It support SCANsat directly (adding background consumption). Also it include a MM patch for VenStockRevamp. For other mods that overlap conceptually with this one (like TAC, DangIt, RemoteTech) I can't possibly make it compatible.

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@KvaNTy Some people don't want their mods used with others, besides, I don't play with it but I've seen TAC used before, and I see little difference between this and that. If you really want your launches to fail, I don't know what to tell you. And again, with RT, I haven't played with it but I've seen it used, and I see little difference between that and this. I'm not trying to be rude, I'm trying to say make a compromise.

Shame on all you! You'll get your grubby mitts on your 1.1 version whenever this poor KSP store user gets access to it.

@ShotgunNinja Just tried it out a little bit before bed. Absolutely everything I'd expect from this kind of mod! Totally adds a lot more challenge! Should be required for RO. @NathanKell Why aren't we funding this??


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@Errol Good question. Right now the tech improvements make some assumptions about the order of the technologies. If a mod reorder them the worst thing that can happen is that you may get the late bonus sooner than intended. I'll fix it in the next version, removing the assumption on the order.

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@SmarterThanMe There are very few parts included. Here is a picture of them all, you may find them familiar. The greenhouse and food containers are original artwork by forum user 'zzz', I just retextured them and used the tank lights to indicate when a container is almost empty, and the greenhouse lamps for the artificial light mechanic. The oxygen tank is original artwork by forum user 'blackheart'. The antenna is a (poorly) retextured and rescaled version of a stock antenna.



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I can see the benefit of an all in one realism mod like this being I wont have to worry about compatibility and dependency issues. I hope this will work with the community tech tree. Congrats on your release. This looks good.

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how are additional bodies automatically covered by the radiation aspect of this mod? does it randomly assign attributes to the bodies on load? also is it customizable in terms of an MM patch to tweak certain bodies outputs?

also love it so far :wink:

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This is a really cool mod, and you've clearly put a lot of work into it.  It looks very polished.  I want it.

Well... I want parts of it.  I'll express the same concern about having one giant monolithic mod.  Please don't get disheartened by this; the reason people are discussing modularization is that they're trying to figure out how to adopt your mod into their game because your mod is so awesome. :)

For example I'm already using TAC and RemoteTech.  I don't want part failures, science tweaks, or stock parts moved around.  I do very much want the rest - the habitation requirements (climate control, quality of life), radiation, space weather, the monitor.  So, right now I can't adopt the mod, but with a little work I could.

Some toggles to disable certain functions (or even better, detect if another mod is installed and integrate with it) would let a lot more people adopt the mod.

The toggles I'd like to see (and integration with other mods):

  • Life support (Food & Oxygen, Scrubbers, Greenhouse, EVA, Climate Control) - could detect TAC/USI/Snacks and use their values for the monitor
  • Habitation (Quality of Life) - detect USI LS and KabinKraziness
  • Radiation - I don't think any other mod does this
  • Science Tweaks - this looks to just be a ModuleManager config, so users can just delete/modify what they don't like
  • Signals - detect AntennaRange and RemoteTech and use their connected/disconnected states
  • Space Weather - I don't think any other mod does this
  • Malfunctions - detect DangIt or Kerbal Krash System
  • Coherent Background Simulation - detect BackgroundProcessing?

I wish I had more free time; adding optional support for the above mods would be fun.

Since the pic is buried in the wiki, I'll mention the monitor looks really cool:


I have like 200 ships though (lots of comm relays for RemoteTech).. not sure how it would handle that.  Some way to filter, sort, or ignore ships might be needed, if not already there.

Overall, awesome work!

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