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[1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

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Another prelease (link removed) with all the issues mentioned fixed, and a partlist icon in the VAB. WARNING THIS MAY BREAK YOUR SAVEGAME, MAKE A BACKUP FIRST!

Later today I'll come check if there are more bug reports. All the bugs shall be destroyed :) 




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Awesome! Downloading now!

Glad you liked the Supplies rule. I did it as a test and sort of a joke, but I'm liking having a resource-dependent mental trait, so I think I might keep it. I ask myself if it actually adds anything to gameplay, and I think it might, at least for me, for the moment.

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I see you fixed the helmet removal conflict with KIS. Thanks for that!

The in-flight ship details seem to be reporting properly now, and "time to instability" is being properly displayed in the VAB planner, as well.

Back to testing!

EDIT: Oh, I forgot something I thought of earlier. I know that (somehow) the portraits of kerbals on the flight screen react to their mood (smiling, horrified, etc.) and I know that the ASET interior multifunction displays for Raster Prop Monitor can show a graph of the crew's attitudes. Would it be possible to tie this somehow to your mod, so that you don't have kerbals grinning with glee while they're starving to death, etc.? If possible that would be pretty cool.

EDIT2: I'm just going to keep editing so I don't post a dozen times in a row! That "supplies" rule I tested... The planner now correctly says "time to instability", as I mentioned, but the in-flight quick status bar shows a red heart icon when supplies run low. Shouldn't it be a red brain instead?

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How is shadow time calculated? Because on kerbin for a landed ship say 12 minutes and 57s but that's not the case, also would it be possible implement the right click to go back in list for the planets in the planner?

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7 hours ago, ShotgunNinja said:

That is a very interesting idea, I'll keep that in mind. I wanted to add something similar to TestFlight but I recon its beyond the scope of the tiny, simple malfunction mechanic so this could be an alternative to that. My only objection to it would be that if only money is necessary, then the player can just 'buy away' the mechanic. Maybe I can make them pay a small amount of research instead.

Another Idea perhaps is to cap the about they can change the lifespan based on research. Allow none at the start and then +-10% after x node and so forth. That way late game you could buy off the penalty after you've reached a point that you'll be launching decade+ missions.

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I think there's a bug in the pricing for the food containers. Here:

The food container, when half full, seems to have a price of 0. Adding more food brings the price up, but removing food brings it down. Since the half-container's worth of food was worth more than the rest of the ship (apparently food is more expensive than spacecraft by volume), when I removed it all the price went negative. I'm fairly sure this isn't intended, right? :) Running Kerbalism, thru CKAN.

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@Rhedd I was checking against qol modifier for the brain icon, but it make more sense to check for breakdown flag instred. Changed.


@brusura You are right, I wonder why I didn't notice that before. I'm using this function:

double ShadowPeriod(CelestialBody body, double altitude)
  double Ra = altitude + body.Radius;
  double h = Math.Sqrt(Ra * body.gravParameter);
  return (2.0 * Ra * Ra / h) * Math.Asin(body.Radius / Ra);

EDIT: fixed this one too

@cubinator I rewrote that part completely in this upcoming version, so that should be already fixed.

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Could we get a global message toggle option? 

I have all my signals turned on and off for different ships and satalites, now if i want to now do a 100 day warp which is a rarity then i don't want any messages during that time. I can deal with everything later. So i want an overide to be able to turn of all messages during this time and this way it preserves my settings. i don't want to have to click off every message on every ship individually and then set them all back up. 


Would this be possible?


Other than that i'm not having any issues with the new release and the new resources levels feel much better.


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Version is out. Changelog:

  • can run arbitrary rules that consume a resource and accumulate a value per-kerbal
  • rules can be influenced by environment
  • existing mechanics reimplemented as a set of rules and enabled by default
  • with no rules it degenerate into a background simulation of the resources with ui
  • you can write your own rules, go check in profiles/ directory
  • food/oxygen properties have been changed to match CRP ones
  • food/oxygen consumption changed to more realistic rates
  • previous savegames will keep working (but make a backup anyway)
  • settings.cfg to customize the simulation
  • choose a file in the profiles/ directory, create your own, or don't use one at all
  • signal mechanic is disabled automatically if you are using RemoteTech or AntennaRange
  • malfunction mechanic is disabled automatically if you are using DangIt
  • SCANsat modules re-enable automatically when EC is back
  • support for NearFuture reactors, fission generators and radioisotope generators
  • support Planetary Base System converters
  • support for Origami antennas
  • NearFutureSpacecraft, CryoTanks and KerbalAtomics MM patches by Fraz86
  • greenhouse & scrubber modules work on arbitrary resources
  • more hooks added, go check out
  • malfunctioned components are highlighted, can be toggled on/off from the monitor ui
  • engineers can inspect parts and get an estimate of lifetime
  • use new curve for part aging
  • use new method to incentive redundancy
  • seriously lowered the malfunction rate
  • antennas will last longer
  • limit of 2 malfunctions per-component at max
  • reduced range penalty for antenna malfunctions
  • radiation don't influence malfunctions anymore
  • planner show correct malfunctions/year estimates
  • MISC
  • recompiled against KSP 1.1.2
  • tech descriptions are updated automatically, no need to do that in MM patches anymore
  • improved tech description visibility
  • phased out the high-tech 1.25m food container
  • more robust depletion estimates
  • new Sensor module to add environment readings to a part
  • storm messages can be disabled per-vessel
  • storms can be turn off in settings
  • added a partlist icon in the vab and moved parts there
  • lowered mass of shielding
  • reduced mass of parts in general
  • breakdown events also incur a reputation penalty
  • increased time before breakdown a bit
  • reduced frequency of storms
  • increased science value of experiments a bit
  • moved small fixed panel to basic science
  • rebalanced solar panels outputs to visually match number of panels
  • fix: bug with multiple ModuleResourceConverters in background and active flag
  • fix: helmet state no forced on top of KIS anymore
  • fix: problems with flowState
  • fix: problems with resque kerbals on eva
  • fix: setup resources for resque missions
  • fix: kerbal climate property recover slowly to avoid exploit
  • fix: thermometer readings
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10 hours ago, ShotgunNinja said:

@Norcalplanner Thanks for the report. The sensor was added just before the prerelease and unfortunately I forgot to check if scene was the editor before asking some data for a vessel that doesn't yet exist from the cache... Its harmless if you want to launch the vessel you can without consequences.

Thanks for the quick reply and fix in the new version!

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I can't believe I didn't catch this before you officially updated, sorry! I've found a bug with the in-flight ship details screen...

If I set up a rule's "on_pod =" value to give exactly 2 day's worth of a resource per crew, the VAB planner will correctly report a 2d life expectancy for a 1 kerbal pod, a 2 kerbal pod, and a 3 kerbal pod. The in-flight details screen, however, will report 2 days for a 1 kerbal pod, 4 days for a 2 kerbal pod, and 6 days for a 3 kerbal pod.

The resource is still used correctly and runs out after 2 days as expected, but the remaining time on the detail screen is always wrong by a multiple = number of crew.

Everything else is working wonderfully, though!

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20 minutes ago, ShotgunNinja said:

@Rhedd Does that happen for a rule with interval > 0? Eg: meal-based?

Yes, and only those. I have an oxygen rule set to no interval so it updates every second, and three other rules (food, water, supplies) set to intervals of 10800.0, 5400.0, and 5400.0 respectively. The oxygen is the only thing reporting the correct duration. All the others are the correct value * number of crew.

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@ShotgunNinja tanks for your work, this is a nice improvement in our beloved KSP game play...

Now that is out, I saw that CRP compatibility issue was fixed, but when I'm trying to install Kerbalism using CKAN, it doesn't allow to, then I see CRP is conflicting with the installation...  Perhaps I'm missing something?... I'm kinda new in KSP :confused:


Please ignore english mistakes.... not my native language =)

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