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Improved graphics on planet surfaces?

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Would just like to thank squad for their excellent work ☺ can't wait to play the full release of ksp. However I would like to ask if squad have any plans to upgrade  the graphics on planet surfaces like duna etc and add more unique geographical futures to explore?simmiler to what they have done with mun  and kerbin.i understand they were restricted by the old unity engine and 32 bit before. Again love your work ☺

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Yeah I know they've expressed interest somewhat recently in a big graphics pass which would be amazing. Everybody is crossing their fingers on clouds, but even on kerbin the texture tiling isn't always the best. This may have to do with the kind of radical scale changes you experience in this game. I'm not a programmer but I'm guessing an intermediate texture map in between what you see from high up and what you see from the surface might help. I have no idea the memory cost of these things but long story short, yes they're interested in this. 

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Eeloo in particular could use some love.  It looks neat and shiny from orbit with interesting brown line features.  But once you actually get down to the surface it's not like that at all.  The white shiny parts turn into greyish dirt that just look like a slightly lighter-colored Mun.  The cracks in the surface turn out to be not as deep as they look, and have no real detail.  The brown parts end up with the same texture as the white-ish parts, just brownish instead.  For a place that takes so long to get to, it's pretty underwhelming.

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