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[WIP-1.1] Kerbal Bank

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In an attempt to reduce the grind for my very hard career games (hard preset, 10% science, 10% funds, 10% reputation), I have created a simple plugin to contract loans. Personally, I most often use this for upgrading buildings.
Loans are offered at randomly generated conditions like interest rates, terms, payment periods, reputation costs. Smaller amounts cost less reputation at higher interest rates, while inversely, larger amounts cost more reputation at lower interest rates.

How to use

  1. Open the bank window;
  2. Select the new loan tab at the top;
  3. Set an amount (left click to increase; right click to decrease);
  4. Request offers;
  5. Review and accept one of the offers;
  6. Pay back the loan over time! (with interest...)



  • Financial status overview;
  • Request loan offers from 1K to 10M funds;
  • Contracting a loan requires minimum available funds and reputation;
  • Pay back loans over randomly generated terms and conditions;
  • Payments are automatically deducted from your funds and reported in the messaging system;
  • The balance of the loan can be paid back whenever you like and have enough funds;
  • Configuration file for generation settings.

Planned features

  • Index in CKAN;
  • Implement the actual payment and interest calculations (like banks actually do).

Download from GitHub here

Do I have to write checks or something to pay back the loan?
The payments are automatically deducted from your current funds and you are notified by the messaging system (like contracts success).

Why are most 1M offers have high interest rates compared to real life?
First, it is KSP. Secondly, the generation settings can be modified to your liking. If you reduce the falloff parameter, the interest rate will reduce much earlier in the scale.

What happens if I can't pay the installment of a contracted loan?
Basically, it remains pending until sufficient funds are available. As soon as you have enough funds, the payment will be deducted.

Licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.



I'm looking for feedback and your impressions of the mod. I've been running it with 3 very hard career games without much issue and to pleasurable progression.

Of course, if you encounter any issue, please report it with as much detail as possible.

I'm open to suggestions that are in line with the goal of this mod.

Thank you !

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