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IMHO, in general, 2700 faces for one part isn't too bad, except that it's a relatively simple part. Generally I let myself use more design complexity for parts that really need it and won't be used in huge numbers, like command pods, and engines are sometimes in between depending on the required look. But it's all relative. :wink:


You could probably reduce the triangle count here, but triangles are cheap compared to draw calls. I'm assuming the engine has two separate mesh objects, the base and the prop? That's two draw calls right there. As long as each blade isn't its own mesh object, I think you're fine (though that could be justified if you were animating the blade pitch). But the polygon complexity could probably be dropped by half without losing much detail. It's not egregious, so if you don't want to worry about it, it's understandable.



EDIT: Looking at the wireframe, it looks pretty good to me overall. What diameter is the part in-game? If it's a large part, I'd leave it alone. If it's 1.25m, you could get away with a lot fewer faces. It doesn't appear to be doing anything crazy with wasted polygons, except around the edges of the blades where there are a bunch of really thin/elongated quads.  It's up to you if you want to make it more efficient or go as-is. :wink::D


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14 hours ago, bananashavings said:

Im just wondering if you guys have any feedback on the model, or more specifically the texturing..

Specifically with the texturing, I think it looks great. one thing that you could add eventually is some streaking and wear at the front of the prop spinner.

regarding the model, you might be able to redo the spinner and reduce the sides down from 36 to 24 or maybe even 18, and the loop cuts from 6 to about 3 and still have it look the same.

Another comment on the spinner, the nose of the spinner has a cutout, which i don't believe most full size aircraft have. This is typical for RC planes, since they usually have a screw to hold down the spinner to the prop adapter. that is another spot you can save on tris ( a small amount but still something).


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It turned out very good! I agree with others that you could reduce the poly count. You should try it, or at least try it on your next model. You can always reduce polygons in parts where the silhouette is not affected. You can also then use those polygons too add more details in other areas if you still want a really nice model.

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Yeah, it does look great! Very stock-a-like.

I've found with modelling for ksp that for the most part its best to have -100%- economy on the texture space you use, but feel slightly more free on the poly count than the game devs do.  Larger texture sizes hit performance more than poly count (within reason)

A good rule of thumb i've gone by is how -large- and how -complex- the part is ingame. The larger the part, feel more free to add those extra polys to stop it looking blocky. (But still reigning yourself in from going near 3k. I'd say the part would need a lot of super complexity to get near that.)

So for complicated parts (example - RoverDude's Ore Processing Parts), i generally go for less than 1k for small parts, up to 1.5 to 2k at worst for the medium and largest.

Fuel tanks on the other hand, if they go above 1k, that's bonkers to me.

A good idea is to extract the models from the game and have a look at them as examples.


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