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Lazarus Stock Hangar - Planes, Rockets and more

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Well, finaly got the time (and motiviation) to do my own full thread of my crafts instead of all the different single ones. This is the place, where i will collect my craftfiles for sharing with the community :)

Some of them are bound to my heart, like my Soyuz or Proton. Developed over years ...


If you want more picture, you can find them on the KerbalX site. just follow the downlaod button


Big thank you to many of you, who helped me over the years with inspiration, tricks, debugging and more. (like Mulbin, Rune, sgt_flyer, and many more)

i hope you can enjoy them as much as i do. Feel free to ask anything or even use it as inspiration :wink:



a liltle scout plane with a droptank for increased range.

-> download <-





based on the X-01, added a science module to the streched fuselage, there is a narrowband scaner hidden in the nose!

-> download <-




LazTec Businessjet

little passengerplane :)

-> download <-




F-18 Hornet

Afterbruner inclusive :D

-> Download <-





Orion - EFT 1  v2.0

good old Orion, now with realistic RCS.

tips for launching:  first of all, throttle down the Delta IV core with Actiongroup 2 at 1min in flight. Throttle up again after booster seperation. short before MECO, go trough the decoupling of the Capsule cover and second stage fairing. Then proced as usual. The Delta IV is kinda overengeeniered ... you can go to the Mun with good flyingskills :D

-> Download <-




Zenit 3 with Intelsat 27

Yeah, the ukrainian Zenit rocket with the Blok D upper stage, to put a civil communication sat into GEO :) Inspired by the real world mission (which sadly failed)

tips for launching: After MECO, stage first to separate the first stage and ignite the verniers. 2 seconds later stage again to ignite secondstage main engine. Decouple fairings at 40km altitude or above. Aim for a GEO orbit of 2.863 km and orbital periode of 6 hours.

Press 1 to deploy Antennas and Solarpanels.

Zenit itself is designed to lift roughly 12 tons to LKO.

-> download <-




Proton | Blok D with 3 Glonass-M

Inspired by the real Glonass network, this Proton carries three sats to orbit like in the real world.

tips for launching: when separating the third second and third stage, wait 2 seconds and stage again to ignite the third stage main engine and auto decouple fairings. Use the Blok D upper stage to reach the desired orbit. This rocket is intend to reach a circular 1.581,7 Km orbit with an orbital periode of 3 hours. Manualy decouple a single sat from the main carrierbus.

Press 1 to deploy Solarpanels.

Proton is designed to lift roughly 22 tons to LKO.

-> download <-




Energia M | Blok D with 6 Glonass-M

Getting many sats into the same orbit can be a difficult work ... so it's time for the heavy workhorse! This Energia M, a smaller version of the famous Energia rocket, carries 6 Glonass-M sats to orbit.

tips for launching: Decouple fairings at 40km altitude or above. Use the corestage to get to the apogee of 1.581,7 Km. There you can use the Blok D to finish the transferorbit. Manualy decouple a single sat from the main carrierbus.

Press 1 to deploy Solarpanels.

Energia M is designed to lift roughly 45 tons to LKO.

-> download <-


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1 hour ago, Majorjim said:

I've always been a big fan of your spacecraft, I cant' wait to see them all in one place!

speaking of ... i added my Orion EFT 1 now :D totaly forgot, that it was already 1.1 ready ... time to do the finaly touchs on my russian stuff.

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