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Add a 'Don't Show Again' Checkbox to One-Time Science Warning

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I checked the forum and a first-pass search didn't bring up anything except this:

Unnecessary Warning Given to Scientist

That topic asks the game to detect whether the Kerbal grabbing the data is a scientist, and skip the warning if true.  What I'm requesting is a bit different:  I would like the ability to shut off the warning entirely via a 'Don't Show This Again' option, much like the one that appears the first time you use physical time warp.

It seems odd to me that a game with such a steep learning curve and so little forgiveness for blowing things up would see fit to let you choose to ignore the risk of rattling your ship apart with time warp but refuse to let you ignore the fact that only a scientist can reset a Goo canister in flight.  I've already run the experiment at this point:  that's a good thing.  I've got the science.  Warning me that I might not be able to get another experiment result is like warning me that I might not be able to have a second dessert after supper:  it may be nice to know, but it's not necessary.  When compared to the fact that I don't even get a warning that only an engineer can fix wheels or that only a pilot can operate SAS in the absence of a probe core, it's a bit out of place.

Also annoying.  It's very, very annoying, especially when I'm trying to get some extended use out of a single Goo canister (KSC microbiomes, for example)--to the point that I'd rather mod the thing to be rerunnable rather than put up with the clickfest.

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