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[1.9.x] Mouse Aim Flight (1.1.3) - Pilot airplanes with your mouse!

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On 4/26/2016 at 3:02 PM, tetryds said:

A custom camera that follows the cursor is a planned feature, but for now we can get away with ImprovedChaseCam.

Protip: go on the ImprovedChaseCam config and turn on the option to reset the camera when you stop moving it, this makes the right click to behave like freecam on warthunder. You may have to adjust the pitch angle on the cfg to suit your needs.

@Tricky14 I am not going to support CKAN, and am still thinking if I will allow anyone to maintain it there, but that is very unlikely.

@Combatsmithen lol.

Thanks for the tips for ImprovedChaseCam I'm going to try that next time a play KSP. Its great having a mod dev who is working with the community like you are :)

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After playing with the mod for a bit I had a suggestion.

I like to play in IVA a lot, however this means lots of clicking buttons (RPM) but in order to have mouse cursor you have to disable MAF.  Unfortunately MAF does too good of a job of flying the plane and so you have no idea how out of trim our craft is until you disable MAF...

Is there a plan to include a "cursor mode" into MAF, as in, instead of disable MAF, it locks in the current attitude MAF was flying and gives you access to the cursor. That would be amazing! Unless there is already a feature like this in the config.

And as I was saying about how good the mod currently flies, I was explaining to someone on a different post that because if MAF's ability to fly, stall speeds can really sneek up on you because you are no longer fighting the keyboard the slower you get and you are not trimming so you don't realize you are stalling until it's too late.  Now, this is not your fault and there is nothing to be done to fix it (well unless you added some sort of stick shaker that activated when the mod had to use to much input to maintain level fight or something, but it's not really required). It is just a testament to how well this can make slow approaches easier, and it is the pilots job to manage air speeds anyways so BZ.

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@Bev7787 And me here, trying to punish the lazy, damn :P

@inigma I like to have a more centralized distribution, so I will stick with Curse only for now, it's more convenient for me to update and keep track of how many people are using it, etc.

This may change on the future, if, and only if, putting it on spacedock does not automatically send it to CKAN, no promises though.

@jedensuscg Hmm, I will consider it, may be implemented if that does not mean digging a hole on how it handles the cursor.

The new mode I'm implementing should make landings much easier than what they are now, but yes MAF does not care if you are stalling yourself to death, the only thing it does is tend to keep the airplane level more if you are close to the ground, because technically if it rolled the wing on the ground it would be its own fault, not the pilot's.

@Kowgan Uh, can you explain that issue with more detail?

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@tetryds I don't know how can I explain that better, so here's a video:

Also, one extra request: How hard would it be to implement MAF with Blizzy's Toolbar? Once the personal configurations are being properly stored, I don't think I'll be opening the MAF window too often, and I could use of some space saving on that stock toolbar. :) Thanks!

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@tetryds Lovely mod. Flying is so much smoother with this one :3

Would you please kindly consider adding an option to the MAFSettings.cfg to turn off the toolbar icon?

I've set up it to my liking and don't need the settings anymore, the icon just takes up the precious toolbar space after that, don't you think so?

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Great mod! I'm an awful pilot and flying by keyboard makes things even worse. Although I'm still crashing my planes at least I'm crashing them on the runway instead of several km's away in the weeds somewhere :D

On 4/28/2016 at 2:30 PM, jedensuscg said:

Is there a plan to include a "cursor mode" into MAF, as in, instead of disable MAF, it locks in the current attitude MAF was flying and gives you access to the cursor. That would be amazing! Unless there is already a feature like this in the config.

For now what I do is first make sure the plane is flying straight and level then press P to turn off MAF then quickly press T to turn on SAS. When I'm done with the cursor I reverse that to go back to MAF.

Here's a question for the developers: How about turning SAS on when MAF is turned off then off when MAF is turned back on?

Also, I notice MAF stays on when you switch to the map view, maybe turn MAF off and SAS on when M is presses for the map view?

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First, I want to say I have really been anticipating this and I'm excited to finally get to use it. I do have a few ideas that might make it feel subjectively better to fly.

I agree with others that it's too happy to roll the plane and not happy enough to nose down or apply rudder (a perfectly reasonable maneuver to make within limits). I think the amount of maneuvering applied is a bit too much when the mouse is near center, at least on maneuverable planes. It can cause jerking in the intermediate area between full elevator at screen edge to just before you get close to the orientation indicator cursor thing.  It works fine for the albatross, for instance, but not as well for fast things with elevators strong enough to make them flex. It doesn't need a big deadzone, the center behavior is nice, but maybe not only lower the sensitivity but dampen any unexpected motion as you approach the center. I'm probably wrong but it feels a bit linear with behavior zones right now. Also, I think the auto-level can be too strong, and might even be nice to fully turn off if the distance from level is more than a certain degree value WRT horizontal- so if you're trying to land or cruise, you'll level, but otherwise it doesn't do anything if you try to fly upside down or something for an extended period. Could make it a smooth gradient? I suppose these sort of preference differences will be the purpose of various behavior profiles.

Don't take these suggestions as if I'm saying they're brilliant and this sucks( It's awesome!), only that it seems to make sense to my tired brain to try these out. I'd like to learn to mod KSP, and if I check and you've open-sourced this I'll try it out myself after exams and not bother y'all with it.

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@austincurr The mouse is not exactly open though, as part of it (and soon all of it) is All Rights Reserved, you can contact me via PM if you want rights to modify it.

However, code to add more flight modes on the fly was already implemented, it will come with the next release.

Then, all you will have to do is call a function to add your behavior to the behaviors list when your module starts.

Making sure to override the required functions and use the right input and output parameters, it's pretty simple.

MAF is almost ready to update, just finishing a few optimizations, making it not run on parts with no control for instance.

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@Tried flying several planes with this. Most of them unstable or barely- stable fighters.


Much better than SAS+Keyboard. My F-16 spec replica is extremely maneuverable, supermaneuverable without magic torque or gimballing, in fact. Normally, flying like that, especially with forward- facing flaps down, results in what I thought was a total loss of yaw and roll authority, and spinning around the prograde axis.

MAF somehow knows how to fly the darned thing. I even took all the brakerudder controls needed to recover, and MAF flies my F-16 like a real one. I've never felt more comfortable flying an 11-tonne unstable jet at transonic speeds 3 meters from the ground.

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MAF Has just been updated!


New Features:
Improved pitch down performance
New experimental flight mode, Cruise Flight
Better handling on stock aerodynamics
Reticle opacity and size options

Cursor no longer has a chance of disappearing when MAF is turned off
Disables itself on EVA


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Thank you so much for the update, @tetryds! I'll uploadi a video to show my experience.

For now, I started noticing that weird wobble everyone was talking about. I couldn't reproduce it that often on the previous release.
Also, what exactly is the Cruise Flight mode designed to do?

It looks like the cursor locking bug has been fixed. I wasn't able to reproduce it so far on the new version. Thank you. :)


Had to decrease the bitrate due to poor connection.

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I have an issue, but I'm not sure if this mod as anything to do with it. Posting it just as well, since I don't think I am running many mods that could relate to this bug.

So I'm seeing this bug while using an airplane where the vector shown on the map is actually quite different from where I'm actually heading, as shown on the screenshot below.. Haven't noticed it with spaceships so far, but I haven't made many since 1.1 yet. Also doesn't always seem to happen. I suspect something triggers it. I've seen the actual vector off by as much as 90 degrees.




Mods used:

  • Crowd Sourced Science
  • Engine Lighting
  • Kopernicus Planetery System Modifier
  • Module Manager
  • Planetshine
  • Real Plume
  • Stock Visual Enhancements
  • Mouse Aim Flight

Currently running the 1.1.2 stable build.

A opy of this issue is found in its own bug tech support thread here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/138742-incorrect-velocity-vector-shown-on-map/


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11 hours ago, Tricky14 said:

Just what I needed to know. Thanks for the quick reply. :)

Also, am I the only one who really started missing an IAS indicator? Planes, man.

You can turn on an IAS display in FAR, it will replace the m/s indication shown on the navball. Also allows mach number and a few others i think.

if you don't mind using FAR that is. (not sure if NEAR has it)

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On 2.5.2016 at 1:03 AM, jedensuscg said:

You can turn on an IAS display in FAR, it will replace the m/s indication shown on the navball. Also allows mach number and a few others i think.

if you don't mind using FAR that is. (not sure if NEAR has it)


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Wobble is caused by a parameter that I undertweaked, I should have made stock control surfaces much faster.

I will fix it soon enough, if you want you can grab the previous version of MAF on Curse.

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