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"Triggers on concave MeshColliders are not supported"

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I am making a command pod with ladders and airlocks.  Each of the ladders and airlocks use a plain cube, with each mesh collider having 'Convex' and 'Is Trigger' checked, as per the wiki tutorial.  Unity imports the model and texture into the GameData without any issues, but in the VAB/SPH the part isn't there.  I checked the log, where I found this:



[LOG 01:03:42.646] Load(Model): DanHalen/parts/1-25_0-625_Fuselage/1-25_0-625_Cockpit/model
[ERR 01:03:42.654] Triggers on concave MeshColliders are not supported

[ERR 01:03:42.655] Triggers on concave MeshColliders are not supported

[ERR 01:03:42.656] Triggers on concave MeshColliders are not supported

[ERR 01:03:42.657] Triggers on concave MeshColliders are not supported

The rest of the log is here:  http://pastebin.com/FQxYJQeQ

This is the model in Unity:


As you can see, there are no concave parts in the model, so I should not be receiving the error.

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Use a sphere collider or maybe a capsule collider. Using meshes for such simple things like ladders and airlocks is a pure waste of computing power. Remember that a sphere collider is nothing more than a range check and a capsule is just two spheres (again just ranges) with a distance. Mesh collision detection is MUCH more demanding. You wont see a difference with just one or two, but in a final scene these can add up and waste performance.


Also, your airlock collider seems to have two edges where only one should be, so probably is a non manifold mesh, and thus concave.




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