theradRussian's Grand Tour!

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The challange is:

Go to Duna,The mun,Minmus,Eve,and Moho and go back to kerbin and land safely

Mods Allowed:

KW Rocketry

AIES Aerospace

and, mechjeb(only to make maneuver nodes).

Edited by theradRusssian
I had to change the name because people kept saying"Are you referincing the old ultimite challenge" or "Change the name because, the ultimite challeng was already posted".(and "challenga" typo in reason for edit)

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1 hour ago, RA3236 said:

Unless you mean @Just Jims Grand Tour, change the name...

With respect, I'm sorry, but RA3236 is right, The Ultimate Challenge was already posted by me a couple months ago, and is much harder than what you are asking, which is just a type of grand tour.


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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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