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Grand Tours - EVE 4


I'm having some difficulty trying to understand this contract (and therefor GT types)  It asks for a single vessel to flyby:




...and finally Kerbin (which i assume means last)

I have a vessel parked in orbit of minmus so it seemed like a good opportunity to have a go.

Whilst my vessel is in orbit of minmus there is a tick in the contract, the next flyby by sensible delta V is Eve. I leave minmus and the tick disappears .. doh ... i get to EVE SOI and briefly both are ticked and then again they untick. Looking at another thread http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/127875-order-of-plantes-in-grand-tour-contracts/ it says that the order isn't important can anyone clarify the problem?


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It's odd that the ticks are disappearing.

I've personally only had the order-insensitive contracts, but what is clear from other posts here on the subject is that if the contract says "and finally" then yes, you must do that one last. However, the order of the other ones shouldn't matter, and while flying the ship all of the relevant ticks should be visible.

When you say that there are ticks on the contract, do you mean in mission control or while in control of the ship? If in mission control, that's perfectly normal since it tends to lose track of what is exactly where. While controlling the ship however (and anything connected to it), the relevant places should be ticked off.

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The ticks appearing and disappearing in the context of the ship, if you click the right hand bar the contracts tab  you see the elements of the contract, these are the ones that are ticking and unticking, it's familiar of course with some contracts when you are inside then go outside the scope, for example testing something at a certain height  . 

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Well, all I can say is cross fingers and hope.

The contract parameters should be visible in persistant.sfs if you open it with a text editor. Your ship should have that information about where it's been recorded there. So once you finally return to Kerbin's SOI, all the tick-marks should return.

As to why they aren't appearing as soon as you leave one of the relevant SOIs, no idea. I'd say: make a savegame when they all appear and when they disappear. If the problem becomes a real problem, submit it as a bug. Those saves will be helpful to know why this messed up.

Still, I'm quietly confident it'll work out when you get back to Kerbin : D

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