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Expansion Pack - New Star Systems

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There is a LOT of information on this forum so apologies if this has been seen before.

I've stuck in the best part of 500 hours into this game which is for me very unusual ... probably the most since Elite on the BBC B :-)

This is talking about stock ish game play and parts.

My feeling is that there are a few things that are starting to make the game limited and i think there can be a way for Squad to earn more from the game and invest in some interesting new elements, especially for more experienced players.

So (intake of breath) my thought is for an expansion pack which is paid for rather than free increments .... the developers should be encouraged to expand the game and their development team because it seems to me there is so much you can do and they need to make money to keep the thing going ... yes i know about the console ports.

So many people like the idea of multi player and i'm not one of those i like to play in my own time without the kids that's spent 100000 hours on the thing and all that seems to do is destroy the narrative that you have built for yourself, whether it's an awesome orbital refinery around minmus or getting to Eve and back with with a 1 ton lander (nope).... and of course it will just turn into a arms race!

For me the thing that Kerbal does well now is to create the 1960 - 2020 exploration type experience ... past and near future tech.

So moving on to a 2020 - 2120 experience the next obvious thing to do is to create a proper multi planet experience and the first reach for another planetary system, which could include (again not mod related):

1) Manufacturing of parts on other planets, for example manufacturing of fuel tanks and engines.... not much of a departure ... perhaps 3D printing from the science tree or something. This might also open up new resource issues: minerals etc and the technology to mine them. 

2) Better propulsion such as anti matter drives 

3) New star system with some surprises

... I'll get my coat.

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