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Loading screen artwork

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This is a pretty minor suggestion, but I've thought for a while that it should be in the game.

KSP's current loading scenes are pretty boring, just a black screen with some barely-noticeable twirling planets. How about something like this instead?


As you enter the launch pad, you get an image of the crew bus driving down the crawlerway towards your rocket. IMO it creates a more "epic" feeling, similar to the feeling from a launch countdown.

The images would be unique for each loading scenario or KSC building. Here's the VAB:


These are just concepts, of course. SQUAD would probably do better than my weird, five-minute GIMP creations.

Other buildings would have similar pictures accompanying them:

- The Runway has a plane taxing by the tower

- The Astronaut Complex has a press room or training facility or something

- The Tracking Station has a satellite dish pointing to the sky

- The SPH has some fuel trucks and things driving down a hallway

- The R&D has a guy wheeling some experiments down a hallway

The images are supposed to represent someone entering the facility, hence the hallways.

What do you guys think?

(Note: Both of the images I used were ripped from the KSP 1.0 trailer)

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