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Lets get some data on the Minmolith


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Currently im trying to search for the Minmolith and its actually a surprisingly daunting task. I\'ve searched up and down the tiny moon for hours and have yet to see any sign of the thing. I\'m also surprised that there is practically nothing about it on the forums or anywhere else, so little that its still hard for me to believe it exists(even though i know it does).

Seeing as there is a thread dedicated to finding and cataloging everything there is to know about the Mun Arch, i would like this to be the place where people talk about and share photos and information on the enigmatic monolith on little bitty minmus. :D

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So we could make a tower to it.....Hang on,Need to find a launch vehicle for this........

if you manage to make a tower to it, id be incredibly impressed, even with all the mods in the world. And yes i believe it just floats above the surface, not actually orbiting it, at least from pictures and from what a few have said about it.

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It\'s not actually in orbit, it\'s just stationary above the surface.

Stationary? Or just moving in dimensions beyond the first four?

It\'s been quite a while, but I did see one shot of the Minmolith floating above the Minmus surface. I remember it not being above a lake, so bringing your craft in for a close orbit like 100m above the mountains should help you find it.

Got 3 ships in orbit around Minmus scouring the surface for the Minmolith, but with no luck so far. Anyone know the relative altitude to seeing it best, or what side its on?

If you have the fuel, I would try putting one of the diagonal-orbit craft into a polar orbit. Otherwise you should send up another craft and establish it into a polar orbit, as that should help you find it. I wouldn\'t count on it being visible on the night side, so if you haven\'t seen it on the current day side, I would wait until Minmus is on the other end of its orbit to search the other side. (Since it, like the Mun, is tidal-locked)

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