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I have a contract for an Eve surface base. The (relatively) new hydrodynamic model got me thinking of putting it in the oceans. Has anyone ever landed a floating base in the oceans of Eve? I'm wondering if the surface of the ocean counts as the surface.

Some thoughts:

  • How would one go about assembly without rovers, maybe with RCS? Lining up the docking ports would be easier.
  • Would ISRU work there? Do the oceans contain ore? I know there was a rumor going around for a while that the oceans were made of rocket fuel...

Feel free to take this as a challenge and post pictures of your own floating Eve base! (Or Laythe if you're into that)

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I believe that one of the conditions for base contracts is that it must be in the "landed" state. However, if you land in the oceans, the game treats the vessel as "splashed," not "landed." This may have changed with the update, but I'm not sure. You might want to send a cheap probe there to see if it checks off the "landed" requirement in the contracts menu. As far as mining goes, it doesn't work in the oceans, last time I checked. However, there's nothing stopping you from doing it in sandbox.

Actually, I might do this sometime, but I'm pretty busy...

(Mostly just annoyed that youtube is taking 2 hours to upload a 3 minute video when other videos of similar length upload in 20 minutes. But yes, busy.)

Good luck!

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For what it's worth, the new inflatable heat shields are very hydrophobic - they might work well as giant floating pods to build on, as well as helping with the landings.

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4 hours ago, daboss0010 said:

Doesn't everything burn in Eve water?

No, but now I'm gonna do that with Kopernicus. Thanks for the idea!

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