[DEV HALTED][1.3] CxAerospace: Stations Parts Pack v1.6.2 [2017-5-24]

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1 hour ago, sslaptnhablhat said:

I'm not sure anyone has ever tried to recreate this in KSP, or if it's even possible at all.

easy peasy


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On 11/19/2018 at 9:26 PM, cxg2827 said:

Thanks! It was definitely a major career change after being at my previous job for 8 years. better flexibility, shorter commutes, massive pay increase, but it can be a bit draining and stressful at times. Kids are quite a time-investment but it's definitely worth it (but I swear to God, if I hear "no" one more time! :D).

Thanks for all the work you did on this - I look forward to seeing your parts make their way into other folks' mods. I can totally relate to your situation, since I commute by train between Seattle and Tacoma - and also because I have a 1-yo and a 3.5-yo, who is in that "No, I don't NEEEEEED to go to bed tonight." phase. I'm 2 months late to this party, but I also wanted to say "good luck" with the new job, and thanks again for lots of hours of fun playing around with this mod, and the hundreds of hours you put into it to share it with us. Cheers!

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Im late to the farewell,. but life comes first my friend, I know the feeling trust me.


CXA is the best of all the parts I had seen, likely from all the time you spent on it.

Will miss it, but the only thing certain in this universe is change. No worries.

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Hi, @cxg2827.

Some people are still using your Add'On (and it's pretty easy to see why - if we manage to reach an agreement about what follows, I'll be another one! Excellent work!), but we are now facing some issues and I will need your help on it.

Your patches were made for an environment where only you would be using parts you authored. With your decision of allowing some hand picked Authors to use them, your TweakScale patches (I'm the current maintainer of TweakScale, by the way) are being applied on some other Add'Ons by accident, as you can see on this post on TweakScale's thread.

Would you consider a new maintenance release of your Add'On with the MM patches fixed? The best solution for the problem is, indeed, a new release of CxAerospace with the patches fixed, and may I suggest using also :FOR[CxAerospace] (and :NEEDS[<dependency>] where applicable)?

We could check for any problems with the others Add'Ons and fix them too - so people that are still running savegames with your Add'On could keep going on. I'll gladly help on anything you need. No strings attached. :) 


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