[1.1] Kerbiting System- Planet pack early Alpha

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Kerbiting System

This planet pack, which is in very early alpha phase, is a planet pack that rearranges all the planets in the stock Kerbol System. In later versions more planets and moon will be added, the star will change, and a lot more will come! This is what I let you guys decide. I like to make a planet pack which makes people as happy as possible. For that to happen I need your advice on what to do/add/edit. For now this is all you will get. I'm working hard on it and next version will come out soon! Very important to know is that this is my first work. So if any bugs are encountered, report them immediately! Let me know what you think and give me some advice on what to do next! I'll make a poll to know what you guys want to see first/next. 



Alpha v0.2:

  • Added correct science values for all the planets

Alpha v0.1:

  • All stock planets rearranged
  • Given some different properties/orbit settings for some of the planets
  • That's all for now. :/







Installation instructions:

Just place the "Kopernicus" folder inside the "GameData" folder.


Kerbiting System Download






Thanks for downloading and have fun with my work! Big credits to the developers of Kopernicus and ModuleManager of course! 


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>>Using Comic Sans.


The new order sounds interesting though. You reduced the number of planets didn't you? More moons, less planets.

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Yes, I did! Looking at my strawpoll though, it seems people want more planets, so that's probably what I'm going to add. Moons has quite some votes as well, so I'll see! 

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On 9-10-2016 at 4:50 PM, olekopyto said:

we need more moons tho

I will try to do something more with this pack sometime in the future but don't expect me to. I kinda stopped updating the planet pack. I'm sorry. I know this planet pack has about a thousand downloads so I'll definitely try to make something more.

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