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USI Lifesupport - Understanding the Status Screen


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sup = Supplies, time of supplies your kerbal have

hab = Habitation, time your kerbal can stand on that module/base/station

home, time your kerbal have until feel homesick.



    SupplyTime = 324000            //How many seconds before Kerbals are affected by no supplies
    EVATime = 21600                //How many seconds before ill effects on EVA
    ECAmount = 0.01                //EC per Kerbal per second                        
    SupplyAmount = 0.00005        //Supplies consumed per Kerbal per second
    WasteAmount = 0.00005        //Mulch produced per Kerbal per second
    NoSupplyEffect = 1            //Effect if a Kerbal has no supplies or EC
    NoSupplyEffectVets = 1        //Effect if a Kerbal is a vet and has no supplies or EC
    EVAEffect = 3                //Effect if a Kerbal exceeds EVA time        
    EVAEffectVets = 3            //Effect if a Kerbal is a vet and exceeds EVA time
    NoHomeEffect = 0            //Effect if a Kerbal becomes homesick
    NoHomeEffectVets = 0        //Effect if a Kerbal is a vet and becomes homesick
    HabMultiplier = 1            //Bonus to hab values (1 = default = 100% of the part's rated value)
    HomeWorldAltitude = 25000    //Altitude on Kerbin that negative effects are removed
    BaseHabTime = 1                //How long can 1 crew capacity support 1 Kerbal, expressed in Kerbal Months
    ReplacementPartAmount = 0    //How fast life support equipment and habs 'wears out'
    HabRange = 150                //How close we need to be to use other vessel's habitation modules and recyclers.
    EnableRecyclers = false        //Use resource recyclers?  Not the same as resource converteres like greenhouses!
    VetNames = Jebediah,Valentina,Bill,Bob    

//  0 = No Effect (The feature is effectively turned off
//  1 = Grouchy (they become a Tourist until rescued)
//  2 = Mutinous (A tourist, but destroys a part of a nearby vessel...)
//  3 = Instantly 'wander' back to the KSC - don't ask us how!
//  4 = M.I.A. (will eventually respawn)
//  5 = K.I.A. 


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