[1.7.x] EasyBoard v1.8.1 : Board key works as a toggle

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Ah, thanks! I think the wording of "non-resettable" must be what confused me -- as in, "But why can't I reset it? How is that a good thing?" :D

I guess it really meant "non-resetting" as in "it doesn't get reset when you switch away from them." And the hotkey in #3 is just a way of setting more than one of them to do that en-masse.

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4 hours ago, Tallinu said:

Sorry if I'm being dense, but what does this mean?

You can set the intention to board (B) or to grab a ladder (F) as usual, for example for Jeb, and then switch to another kerbal or vessel near to Jeb and do whatever you want. Jeb will remember what to do. The intention will only be reset when you reload the game scene (e.g. load saved game, or switch to another distant vessel on map).

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On 8/27/2019 at 2:28 PM, Dizor said:

@linuxgurugamer, @taniwha,

New version 1.8.1 is released.


1. Implemented non resettable independent kerbal intentions.

2. Fixed camera jump-away-effect when boarding vessel (it would be good to zoom out camera a little for large vessels, but i don't know how to do it).

3. Implemented the "herd instinct" (mass kerbals intentions). Hotkeys: RightCtrl+B and RightCtrl+F.


This update allows you to collect kerbals like this:


GASP! This is fantastic!!!

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