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Question about addons for information display

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So i've played a billion flight simulators, HUGE HUGE fan of orbiter 2010, love the realism. purchased KSP to do some more game oriented and fun stuff, so far majorly satisfied with the stock more than what i expected in some areas, less in others,

My question, and i hope this is the right place to post, but i would like to find some Addons for KSP to give me orbital data like Time to Peri/Apo-apses Orbit Eccentricity, maybe some kind of surface MFD or module i can display alt, vertical spd, and surface relative speeds in one area, so if anyone knows of ANY mods like the orbiter MFD's for data display or flight trajectory planning PLEASE PLEASE lmk. 

basically i would like to have an addon or a few that i can use to put the information in a more organized manner, so i can plan my flights a little more realistically. 

i am very new to KSP and am having a little trouble adjusting from a more realistic simulator basically. i always hear people talk about how hard interplanetary trips et cetera are on orbiter, but for me, as i have some background in physics and aerodynamics, it was in many ways easier to do more, because i was more focused on numerical displays and calcluating things that way, i could adjust my trim and roll bank pitch yaw et cetera much more finely, 

any help appreciated. Thanks in advance guys


Post Script:

forgive my bad grammar and formatting, just got off an all night lab shift, and tired as hell. 

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This is another option with even less screen real estate used for the display.


Edit: Also if you like your sims and want to KSP in IVA you could use this mod to give interiors an actual MFD.


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