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My ship is stuck in position, but its orbit is changing on its own.


I have a craft in about a 25km orbit around Bop right now, and it appears to be completely bugged out (note that only this ship is experiencing this bug, as far as I know). The orbit is changing completely on its own (it's burning radial out): with a dropping periapsis and increasing apoapsis very rapidly (a kilometer every 10-15 seconds). I've shut off all reaction wheels, RCS thrusters and engines and it it still occurs. The orbit doesn't change when the ship is out of focus, but if I try to dock with it, I find the ship moving on its own as well. 

Furthermore, while I can still control RCS and engine thrust, I can't change the ship's direction at all (with SAS/RCS on or off): it's stuck facing the same direction regardless of the force I put on it. Using hyperedit to change the orbit doesn't help either. 

I'm not sure of the steps to reproduce it because it's not happening with any other craft. I have around 50 mods installed, and here are the ones that may be problematic:

Action Groups Extended; AutomatedScienceSampler; B9 Part Switch; Better Burn Time; Community Resource Pack; DefaultActionGroups; DistantObjectEnhancement; Engine Lighting; Final Frontier; Fuel Tanks Plus; Hyperedit; Interstellar Fuel Switch; Kerbal Alarm Clock; KER; Kerbal Joint Reinforcement; Kerbodyne Plus; KerboKatzUtilities; Kopernicus; Mechjeb; Modular Rocket Systems; Module Manager; NearFutureConstruction; Outer Planets; SigmaBinary; Station Science; Stock Plugins; TAC Fuel Balancer; Tweakscale

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Well, it is not an answer but may help someone help you. I am having the same problem... I use VOID 0.19 and even though I have nothing as a RCS or anything like this I can see by using VOID a acceleration there...I do not know yet where it comes from. By comparision i use some mods that you also use:

mechjeb,  AutomatedScienceSamplerHypereditKerbal Alarm ClockKerboKatz, station science.


With this the game is pratically impossible to play. Hope someone can solve this problem.

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I've also had this issue, ship in 100km kerbin orbit experiencing phantom acceleration with no attitude controll. 

Not sure what caused it, but i am leaning towards kerbal joint reinforcement, cause it seems like a ship physics. Could also be tweakscale, i had tweaked parachutes on my ship. Edit: we both also have hyperedit, but i had it happen on ships which weren't hyperedited.

My mod list (that i can remember, i'm not at the computer):

Interstellar fuel switch, hyperedit, kerbal alarm clock, KJR, mechjeb, tweakscale.

Dm orbital science, environmental visual enchantments, interstellar extended, 

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I'm also getting this on one of my ships. did any of you figure out what caused it?

I can however Rotate, RCS and Thrust normally, unlike the OP, at least before  I' tried turning everything off, reaction wheels RCS engines etc, which had no affect - the ship still seems to be translating, though it doesn't appear to matter which direction the ship is facing.  I don't have kerbal joint re-inforcement. I do have mechjeb and was using the rcs balancer on it, though I'm unsure whether the problem started happening before or after I used this.

I also have many other mods installed. I'll take a look at the save game and see if I can see anything obvious there, since saving and re-loading did not fix the issue. 


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I suspect conflicting mods. Can you do the following:

1.disable/delete all mods, launch and check out your ship.

2. Then if this phantom force does not happen, reinstall half of the disabled mods, check your ship again.

3. Repeat step 2 untill the problematic mod is installed.

Write the mod name on a piece of paper.

4. Repeat step 2 untill another problematic mod is installed. Write down the mod name too.

5. Repeat step 4 untill all mods are installed.

6. Ask the modders who made the problematic mods for solution.


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