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[1.1.3] [Kopernicus] Kumar's Dwarf Stars v0.3 [25July16]


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6 minutes ago, electricpants said:

Whatever happened to this mod, @ProtoJeb21?

(Also, @Istrati, ProtoJeb made this mod, not me.)

It's been stuck in the same I'm-trying-to-work-on-something-with-this-mod-yet-other-stuff-takes-up-my-time-and-I-can't-get-to-it hiatus that IA-Revived went through. I hope I can get version 0.4 out before the end of the year.

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o excrements.... i just playing right now with this mod... and i started a carrier...and try some sandbox, and i realize that when i.m out of the our solar, the  game didnt give me the new gravitational thing to enter in a dwarf planet, the game didnt give me that lines tht orbital lines.. it just a straight line that tells me that i will out from our solar system.,..... so...how we solve this? or maybe...i keep lpaying this mod or i give up? :(

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So.. @ProtoJeb21 tell us some news dude. I play now with the mod, and in contract they give me about 50,000 money to go to KeplarA and 420,000 money to go to 99b where KeplarA is maybe 7x far from Kerbin , dispite 99b where is much closer to kerbin....  so ? something new about this mod?. Tks for this planets. Need to continue carrier.

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