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Loading a vessel causes game to be stuck


This is very weird to me. I have 2 vessels in flight. One loads fine while the other doesn't load at all.

I can go to the map view and back. I can also pause the game and resume, but I can't leave the flight unless I force the game to close.

Here is the output log https://www.dropbox.com/s/rtqrgqx7mg62a1k/output_log.txt?dl=0

Also a picture if that helps


Mods I am using that are for 1.1.2


Alcubierre Warp Drive
Alcubierre Warp Drive (Standalone)
Amp Year
Asteroid Recycling Tech
B9 Aerospace
B9 Aerospace HX
B9 Aerospace Legacy
B9 Animation Modules
B9 Part Switch
BahamutoD Animation Modules
CactEye-2 Orbital Telescope
Ceteras Suit Pack
Coherent Contracts
Color Coded Canisters
Colorful Fuel Lines
Contract Configurator
Contract Pack - Anomaly Surveyor
Contract Pack - Bases and Stations (Kerbin Space Station/Useful Space Stations)
Contract Pack - Kerbin-Side Jobs
Contract Pack - RemoteTech
Contract Pack - SCANSat
Contract Pack: Feild Research
Contract Pack: Tourisum Plus
Contract Parser
Contracts Window +
Custom Asteroids
Custom Asteroids (Inner Stock System Data)
Custom Asteroids (Outer Stock System Data)
Custom Asteroids (Stockalike Config)
Custom Barn Kit
Dated QuickSaves
Deadly Reentry
Discontinued Parts
DMagic Orbital Science
Eve Biomes Plus
Ferram Aerospace Research
Filter Extensions - Default Configuration
Filter Extensions - Plugin
Filter Extensions - Stock Filter Rework
Final Frontier
Firespitter Core
Firespitter Resources Config
Freight Transport Tech
Fuel Tanks Plus
Hangar Grid
Haystack Continued
Hot Spot
Interstellar Fuel Switch
Interstellar Fuel Switch Core
Jool Biomes
Karbonite Plus
Kerbal Alarm Clock
Kerbal Attachment System
Kerbal Engineer Redux
Kerbal Inventory System
Kerbal Joint Reinforcement
Kerbal Konstructs
Kerbal Optical Alignment System
Kerbin Side GAP
Kerbin-Side Complete
Kerbodyne Plus
KerboKatz - Small Utilities
KerboKatz Utilities
Kopernicus Planetary System Modifier
KW Rocketry Redux
KW Rocketry Redux - Graduated Power Response Configs
Lithobrake Exploration Technologies
Midular Rocket Systems
Mission Controller 2
Mk2 Stockalike Expansion
MKS - Kolonization Systems
Module Manager
Navball Up Default
Nuclear Rockets
ORIGAMI Foldable Antennas for RemoteTech
Otter Submersible (USI Submarine Parts)
Phoenix Industries ARES Rover
Phoenix Industries Ascent Vehicle
Phoenix Industries Flags
Progress Parser
RasterProp Monitor
RasterProp Monitor Core
RealChute Parachute System
RealPlume - Stock Configs
REPOSoft Tech-Agencies
SDHI Strobe-O-Matic Warning Rotator Lights
Sounding Rockets
Sounding Rockets
SpaceY Expanded
SpaceY Heavy Lifters
Station Science
Stock Visual Enhancements
Stockalike Mining Extension
Sum Dum Heavy Industries - Service Module System
Sum Dum Heavy Industries - Shared Assets
Take Command
Texture Replacer
TriggerAu Flags
TweakScale - Rescale Everything!
Universal Storage
USI Exploration Pack
USI Life Support
USI Survivablity Pack
USI Tools
USI Tools
Waypoint Manager
Wider Contracts App

Mods that are not for 1.1.2


Distant Object Enhancement [v1.7.1]
Environmental Visual Enhancements [v1.1-1]
PlanetShine [v0.2.5]
Atomic Age [v3.2]
Aviation Lights [v3.9]
Community Tech Tree [v2.4.0]
Connected Living Space [v1.2.0.9]
Contract Pack - Base Construction [v0.2.3]
Contract Pack - CleverSats [v1.0.0.1]
Contract Pack - Giving Aircraft a Purpose (GAP) [v1.2.4]
Contract Pack - Rover Missions [v0.1.3]
Contract Pack - Unmanned Contracts [v0.3.19.1]
CxAerospace - Station Parts Pack [v0.16]
Dark Side Technology [v0.2.3]
Engine Lighting [v1.4.2]
EVA Handrails Continued [v0.2.1.1]
BDynamics Mk22 Cockpits [v1.1]
BoxSat [vA.02f]
Chatterer [v0.9.8]
Flag Decals [v2.3]
Ginger Corp Station Hubs [v1.3]
Heat Control [v0.3.0]
Hex Truss [v0.3.1]
Hullcam VDS [v0.52]
HyperEdit [v1.5]
Kerbal Aircraft Expansion KAX [v2.6.1]
Kethane [v0.9.6]
KipEnginering Low Profile Hubs [v2.2]
Klockheed Martian Gimbal [v3.0.7.0]
Kronal Vessel Viewer (KVV) [v0.0.4 - 1.1 Pre]
MK2 Cantaners [v0.1]
Mk2 Essentials [Release 6]
MK2 Solar Batteries [v0.1.1]
Modular Fuel Tanks [v5.7.3]
More Mk1 [v02]
Mouse Aim Flight [v1.0.1]
NavUtilities [v0.6.1]
Near Future Construction [v0.6.0]
Near Future Electrical [v0.7.0]
Near Future Props [v0.4.4]
Near Future Propulsion [v0.7.0]
Near Future Solar [v0.6.0]
Near Future Spacecraft [v4.5]
PanzerLabs AreoSpace KSat [v1.0]
Porkalike Rapier [v1.2]
Proton-M / Breeze-M [v1.14]
Quantum Struts Continued [v1.6]
RLA Stockalike [v13.4]
Ship Manifest [v5.0.9.0]
Shuttle Lifting Body [v1.10]
SmokeScreen [v2.6.15.0]
Stock Fairing Tweaker [v1.0.2]
Stock Replacement Assets [v0.4]
Stockalike Parts for Useful Esthetics [v2015-05-06]
Stockalike Station Parts Expansion [v0.3.4]
Surface Mounted Lights [v1.2.2]
SXT Stock Exchange [v25.2]
Taurus HCV - 3.75 m Stock-ish Crew Pod [v1-1.5.3]
Tundra Exploration - Stockalike Dragon v2 & Falcon 9 [v0.8.5]
Tweakable Everything [v1.15]
Thermonuclear Turbines [v1.0.11]
Tundra Exploration - Stockalike Dragon v2 & Falcon 9 [v0.8.5]
Tweakable Everything [v1.15]
Versatile Toolbox System USI Pack [v3.1.1]

I have tried to narrow the problem down but I can't seem to be able to. All I know is that in the output log when you see NullReferenceException it's not a good thing.

I wish I could find out what is wrong so I could tell the person who makes the mod that is causing this problem so other people don't go through what I am going through.

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