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Is there a mod for more interesting crew recovery?

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Hey everyone.

Is there a mod that would make craft recover take non-zero time? I'd like to have the choice between waiting for a while before i get my Kerbals ready for the next flight and zooming manually in a jet to get them back sooner for another mission. I assume the time would be shorter the closer the landing zone would be to KSC, so I'd try and hit at least the right hemisphere.

If not, it'd be awesome if someone made that mod (it could be just a simple plugin, but what do I know? Spoiler: Not much about these things).

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Also, with Kerbal Konstructs, you can have bases scattered about Kerbin with various recovery rates. It makes it a bit more meaningful to land in one place rather than another. You could probably combine it with the NIMBY mod above to simulate different nations...

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Thanks for the replies. I was going to stay out of Konstructs in this save, but this seems to be a good reason to implement them.

Magico13's plugin also seems very promising, I'll keep an eye out for that!

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