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I've been working on a bunch of ModuleManager scripts that take stock models and modify them. 

I don't do real solar system or real fuels or any other reality mod, so most of these would be considered cheating, but I don't care!


 Source (github)  / Zip


Method 1.  drag the GenericEventHandler folder into your game data.

Method 2. Read the readme next to the .csproj, set the ENV variable correctly and you can modify the .cfg and have them depoy to kerbal by pressing F5. 


  • Aero
    • DustScoops - Modify the radial scoop to have resource intakes of Dust, IntakeAtm, XenonGas
    • MicroSpoiler - Copies the Airbrakes and makes them 50% smaller and able to withstand 4000 degrees, for Aerobreaking
    • Mk1PodMiniWings - Mk1 pod sized strakes that enable to glide a mark one pod before popping chutes for landing
    • Mk2HeatResistant  - All Mk2 parts are much more heat resistant
    • Parachutes - all parachutes now deploy at 0.5 and 1000m  - remember to change your drag chutes.
  • Engines
    • DeOrbitEngine - still working on this, using the seperatron to be highly efficent Xenongas like de-orbit engine
    • ElectricFan - not working at the moment, still bug fixing.
  • Optional Mods
    • USI_Suvivability : modifies RoverDudes suvivability DERP to have monopropellant generator, add a SmartParts heading control, Derp Solar panels generate monoPropellant, and the Floats can now Bounce!
  • Pods
    • CommandCoresHaveRTGs  : adds a small RTG to all command pods that don't already have one.
  • Resources
    • Dust : Adds a dust resource
  • Rovers
    • RoverBodyScienceExperiment  - adds a science container to the rover body and adds 4000 electric charge. Included SmartParts radio control for synchronized buggy driving.
    • RoverWheel1  - Moves the first rover wheel down to the first node of the tech tree, so that it is easier to get science from around KSC 
  • Utility
    • Dockingports  - adds RCS to the docking ports
    • LargeSolarPanel - Large solar panels and the small solar panel collect dust
    • Mk1ServiceModule - Adds:
      • SAS
      • Command Pod
      • Reaction Wheel
      • RTG Generator
      • Dust to Ore Compressor
      • IntakeAtm to Dust Compressor
      • Ore to LF / LFOX / OX ISRU
      • Ore to MonoPropellant  ISRU
      • Ore to Metal converter
      • Metal to RocketParts converter
      • KIS Inventory
      • Science Container
      • Resource Storage for LF / OX / Monopropellant / Dust / Ore / Metal / Rocket Parts


Fix the Engines so that they work correctly

Figure out how to make the Dust resource scoopable between planets, and not rely on the hack of having the Solar Panels generate it

Add Landertron module to the Mk1 service module if the mod is present

Create an engine that can use IntakeAtm and IntakeWater to power it. 

Modify the rapier to have it's major source of propellant as IntakeAtm, with a little LF/OX mix + a lot of Electric charge. 





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Forgot to put the Kerbal version number in

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