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Approaching the Unknown


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... Another... Hollywood .... product? Looks more like a psychologial study. Having a name badge on a one-man mission is weird.There is no reason having a name badge. I guess the author of this script never made a ... ahem ... serious ... job in his life.

Edit: However, i have never been to space myself, and i don`t know what it looks like but... The background images of some real far away gasclouds don`t look right. Or maybe its possible with the impression from a telescope zoom... must be a kind of artistic freedom, it looks weird.

The plot could be interesting, i guess the guy finds what he was looking for, or he doesn`t and finds something else.:wink:

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1 hour ago, Atlas2342 said:

Interstellar + Martian = Approaching the Unknown

Interstellar + Martian - Matt Damon = Approaching the Unknown.
(This is strange, as he was the connection point of those two movies. )

After they had abandoned Watney on Mars, who needs that crew? Your shuttle - your rules!

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On launchpad  the rocket has 8 radial boosters.
During the ascent, rear view shows only 4 radial boosters and decouplers for them.

Why is he sqeezing the joystick before launch? Nerves? Fear? Or he had played KSP too much and tries to pilot the rocket manually?

His habitat is probably Harmony-sized, so ~15 t. Counterweight is 2.5 times closer to the rotation axis, so ~40 t.
Either they launched a 40 t piece of lead, or this is mega-RTG. As it doesn't shine red, probably lead.

The spacesuit looks so manly, with gardbraces. Gardbrace is an essential thing at starship, of course, but better would have wide pelves with a layer of lead.

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