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EVA jetpack to use same controls as ship RCS

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Pretty self-explanitory. There is no reason I should need to figure out a whole new control scheme for jetpack vs. a real ship. At least if you don't make it default the same, let us map roll/pitch/yaw to keys so I can do it myself. The LMB+drag paradigm makes no dang sense to me.

(plus for some reason my Kerbals aren't turning even when I mapped a joystick axis to their rotations. That's probably an issue with my install, but it doesn't excuse not being able to use keys at all! I've de-selected the option to automatically re-orient to the camera)

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I've had no problems just using the stock WADS + rt-shift/rt-ctrl, and using the arrow keys to move the camera around.(the kerbal always faces away from the cam as soon as you tap a RCS key)

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On June 3, 2016 at 8:41 PM, Mjp1050 said:

This is editable within the settings menu, you know.


Wrong. No roll, no yaw, no pitch. There's sime kind of weird mouse controls to do it. I mapped those to stick axes for the time being, but for some reason for me, jets come out but no turning happens. That's surely a bug, but no key option (even if it's unmapped by default) is an oversight.

Every control action that can be mapped to an input device should have the ability to map to a key. Every one.

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