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Ok, if you've followed my Kerbal career at all, you know that though I may not say it often, I clearly have a preference for building ships to satisfy the mantra "Go Big or Go Home".  SexyLifter36k follows this pattern while retaining all of the grace, sophistication, and good looks of my previous SexyLifter launchers.  Unlike previous SexyLifters, this one has everything you need for a successful launch.  No more worrying about adding your own aerodynamic surfaces, rcs, or reaction wheels, 36k even comes with the latest and greatest in probe core technology, the Probodobodyne HECS2.  You can launch her empty and use her as a tanker (be sure to throttle back a little), or stick a payload on top and watch your concerns about how to get it on orbit vanish as she flies effortlessly to space.  With no additional boosters, 36k can lift 2.5 big Kerbos full of fuel up to an 80km orbit and still have 100+ delta-V when she is done.  36kN of [vacuum] thrust will move most anything being built.  

Thank you for choosing SexyLifters for your next project!

This fine launch vehicle can be downloaded from KerbalX!

As always, thanks for looking at my craft!


Danny.  Go Big.  Just Go Big!

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