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Ultra HD Resolution Setup Guide (Windows/nVidia Edition)

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This edition of the guide is for Windows users who possess at least a compatible Geforce 4xx Series GPU (with the right amount of updates for GPUs prior to the 9xx series).  These instruction may work under Linux or Mac OS X, though I am currently not using those OSes at present.

If you already own a 4K monitor or at least a monitor that can utilize higher resolutions natively, you are free to skip most of the instructions.  However, there are a few instructions that may benefit even those with such monitors.  The main purpose of this guide is to get Kerbal Space Program to work with higher resolutions than what your monitor can handle.

As some already know, using such higher resolutions on lower res monitors will result in downscaling (a nice form of anti-aliasing).  Since Kerbal Space Program is not overly GPU intensive (from my experience anyway), it won't hurt to utilize higher resolutions.

The following instructions are for owners of the mentioned nVidia GPUs (Basic DSR setup instructions):

1.  Open 'NVIDIA Control Panel'.  This can be done by right clicking on the desktop and accessing it that way.

2.  Click on 'Manage 3D Settings'.

3.  Go to 'DSR - Factors' and select multipliers you want to use.  I checked them all to make sure I can experiment with other resolutions.

4.  This step is optional.  Go ahead and setup 'DSR - Smoothness' to whatever setting you want.  It is sharper at lower settings while more blurry at higher settings.

Under normal circumstances, you are done as all you need to do is go full screen and set it to the new resolution.  However, this doesn't necessarily apply for Windows 10 as it now supports scaling.  Due to such support, there are cases the new resolutions you specified will not change properly.

Here are the Windows 10 Instructions:

1.  Set the resolution of your primary monitor to the highest resolution available through DSR (done through Display->Advanced display settings).

2.  Go back and change the size of text, apps, and other items to 100%.  It will make it harder to read, but it will get the highest resolution to work right.  Not to mention, prevent the oversized mouse cursor issue.


Once you get it all setup, you should be able to enjoy the game at higher resolutions than ever before.  Be aware there might be an alignment issue when you first load the game at fullscreen with the new resolution.  This only happens once everytime you set a new higher resolution.


That is basically it for the instructions for nVidia GPU users on WIndows (and possibly Linux/Mac OS X in some cases).  For anyone who possesses an AMD/ATI GPU, feel free to provide instructions based on the guide I created.  Heck, feel free to create a separate guide for those using hacks that led up to these official solutions.

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