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1.1.2: Resources and Info windows at same time?

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So I finally got around to trying 1.1.2 (upgrading from 1.0.5) yesterday, and just now I suddenly noticed something disconcerting:

The "info" box (the "i" on the map screen that shows the name, part count, mass, etc. of your ship) now appears to be an "app."

That's fine on its own, but it seems to mean that I can't have the "info" window and, for instance, the "resources" window open at the same time! This is rather annoying, because I often need to compare the ship's mass and remaining fuel when I'm doing ∆v calculations, and the best way to do that is to open BOTH of those windows and pause the game.

Is the inability to have both windows visible at once the new intended behavior, or is something going wrong here?

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I have been unhappy with this change as well, but alas, I find it unlikely SQUAD didn't think about it when they changed the GUI, so I can only assume they wanted it that way and that we'd need a mod to change it.

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