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Airplane Problem





this is the plane i built, i exhausted all my options, in this state he did take flight, but hardly turned, then i added elevons to the wings, and now it dont fly anymore.


i wonder what im doing wrong, hope you guys can help me, thx in advance!!

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Typically, one uses ailerons (elevon on tails wings) for rolls and elevators (elevons or other control surfaces placed horizontally at back) for pitch. Rudders (tail fins placed vertically as what you do) is for yaw and its purpose is mostly for stabilizing the plane, not for turning. To turn, one typically uses roll+pitch maneuver, not just yaw.

In KSP, there's no wind or turbulence, so technically you don't even need a rudder - I sometimes don't put any control surface to my vertical stabilizer and it still flies fine all the time.

And also you probably need to pull CoL behind a little bit. The CoL in SPH isn't precise - in flight due to different flight state CoL might drift a little, and if it comes in front of CoM you might be in trouble. I always do a lot of flight testing to make sure where should I place CoL, but for all my planes built it never came that close to CoM.

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i tweaked the design a little base on the suggestions, at least it flies now lol


a bit too hard to control and it does not fly high, but for my need at the moment its good, now i have base to improve once i research better parts



thanks ppl


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