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Bring Back the "Extend Legs" and "Retract Legs" action group actions.to 1.1+

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1.1 has removed the separate "Extend Legs" and "Retract Legs" options from the actions that can be assigned to Action Groups on landing gear, which was present in 1.0 and prior versions.

Before 1.1, "Extend Legs" and "Retract Legs" were separate Action Group Actions, included alongside the "Extend/Retract" option.  I'd made extensive use of that with my spacecraft setup, as with limited numbers of action groups available, my action groups were set up to do things based on what the ship was doing, rather than grouping similar types of parts.

Having "Extend Legs" as an Action Group option meant that, for instance, on my "Landing" action group, I could be sure that the legs would be extended,  at the same time as the Solar Panels were retracted and the engines were activated, regardless of whatever the spacecraft had been doing immediately prior to hitting the "6" key, and as long as I was still committed to landing accidentally (or deliberately) hitting the "6" key again would not take any of those parts out of the "Ready to Land" mode.

More generally, I'd really prefer it if all the available action groups had "Activate", "Deactivate", and "Toggle" options for their actions, instead of the current setup where some parts only have "Activate" and "Deactivate", and others only have the "Toggle" option. 

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