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Astro/Cosmonaut Heads for TextureReplacer


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After the overwhelming "kill it with fire!" response from test audiences to my "realistic" Kerbal faces, I've decided to override common sense and popular opinion and post them here on the official forums!


Space Dock Link


All of these match up to the in-game UV maps and can be applied to any desired Kerbal with TextureReplacer.

These are intended to be the first of a small-ish series of astro/cosmonauts and we begin where it all started with Yuri Gagarin.


Also included are the Apollo 11 crew, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins. The last inclusion in this first round is our very own Scottish Physicist, Scott Manley!

2016-06-04 - Added Buzz Lightyear at the request of someone on the Facebook group. Enjoy!

2016-06-23 - Added Valentina Tereshkova to the already hero-laden list! Not quite sure what to do about her ponytail, though. At the moment, it's just showing up black instead of transparent.


Planned later additions include Vladimir Komarov, Sally Ride, Alan Shepard, John Glenn, Gus Grissom, Chris Hadfield, John Young and Robert Crippen. Further fictional faces will include Ripley from Alien. I'm very open to suggestions, though.


Thanks for viewing!



P.S. I didn't learn the story behind Yuri's messed-up eyebrow until after I finished his face on here. I now know that it is anachronistic at the time of his flight, but it's a good enough story that I decided to leave it in.


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Added Valentina Tereshkova
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I have to say these are still kind of disturbing. Something about them bearing an overwhelming resemblance to real people (to the point that I can recognize which ones are which just at a glance) is just offputting.


But at the same time, they really are great looking, and I'd love to see more. 

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Appreciate the feedback! I actually first started down this road for a "Jeb turned the graphics up too high" joke image:


I thought the result was pretty funny and I was curious to see if I could get recognition of well-known people out of textures alone. I'm encouraged to see that it worked at least for you!

I also toyed with the idea of doing a bunch of the astro/cosmonaut faces in a more Kerbal-y, cartoon-y style. I may yet give that a try and see if the uncanny valley manages to even out some.

Thanks again!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Someone on the Facebook group requested Buzz Lightyear, so I've duly obliged. The body UV map was really tricky to work with, so the suit isn't perfect, but it looks good at a reasonable distance!



Not sure how Imgur albums work on forums, but hopefully the one in the OP will update to include these.

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That's actually pretty excellent... absolutely can recognize the people. Is still a bit off-putting though. I think you're sitting in the uncanny valley.

Your Buzz Lightyear makes me think if you dialed back the shading a bit on the realistic ones they'd be about perfect. Like making a comic book version the likeness, with fewer lines but more solid rather than shaded where they remain.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone!

@helaeon, I can honestly say I never expected to see the term "uncanny valley" used in reference to a Kerbal. This amuses me more than I can say. I do like the idea of the simplified/cartoon-ier versions for people who enjoy sleeping ever again - I'll give it a go this weekend!

@Deimos Rast, it was certainly tricky adapting the giant eyes, wide mouths, and non-noses, but it was fun and I'm glad it worked!

@Andem, does uncanny valley count as realism? Or is there a "Disturbingly Close to Realism Overhaul" mod I don't know about? :D

@kBob, Sally Ride is second on my to-do list after Valentina Tereshkova. Gonna try to get them done this weekend!

@njmksr, unfortunately, they are likely to be all you see in your dreams evermore. Leading world psychologists, in their desperation for anything to dull the horror, recommend warm milk before bed as the best bet to stave off the eternally wide-eyed stares and low-poly grins, but they know as well as anyone that there is nothing anyone can do. Only now does man truly know fear.

More to come as free-time does or does not permit!



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Any plans on doing some females astronauts too, that way this mod can be used with some realism mods.

Good work!

Edit: I read you are already working on female counterparts, good to know!

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Dude... This is epic

I freaking love these, but I got a question...

I mean if all my Kerbals have "Kerman" for their last name...


What am I supposed to do about the second Buzz Kerman?

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Well, she took a bit longer than I thought, but Valentina's ready!


I'm afraid I have no idea how to remove her ponytail in-game with only a texture map and her enviable beehive is somewhat squashed against her head given that I haven't made a dedicated 3D model for it. I could make the model, but importing to Unity is not something I've done in a mod before, so I'd need time or assistance.

Sally Ride is up next!

@sAssIn, I like the Ripley idea! Alien would be a little less than possible as they don't have eyes and Kerbals very much do. That's not even mentioning the mouths.

@Sherrif, I tried thinking of something clever like Buzz Lightman or Buzz Keryear, but neither of those really flow. I guess all we can do is call the Kerpollo 11 fellow Edwin.

@Ultimate Steve, I'll happily take Mr. Manley down if he so desires, but I'm afraid I haven't a clue how to get in touch with him.

@theonegalen, I'll add them to the list!

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