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Video Wednesday: Scott Manley explaining everything about KSP!


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You think you know everything about #KSP? Well look at this video and maybe you’ll learn things you didn’t know or understand more about KSP from one of our favorites and awesome Youtubers Scott Manley.

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Yup, it's a cool promotional video that does a very good presentation of what KSP is and why it's good to let your kids play it  : I'm not new to KSP, not a parent nor a kid, but still watched it 'till the end... :D 

"And as always, fly safe !"

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On 5/31/2016 at 0:33 PM, Dreambish said:

Why is Scottish Day not a national holiday worldwide? Such glorious pronunciation can not remain ignored?

Promote Robbie Burns supper world wide so everyone can learn to properly address the haggis (some may worry that here in the states we are limited to black market or fake haggis.  I maintain that my ancestors came here to escape ever eating a haggis again and that the crown was never involved in edicts of transportation).

I started this thread when Scott tweeted about making videos about "what doesn't KSP teach about rocket science"

So far he has mentioned (as in done an entire video on) nozzle design.  Other than the graphics being completely backward (vacuum nozzles are much longer than non-vacuum nozzles, pretty much by definition and the laws of physics), I wouldn't put this as one of the worst offenders of KSP.  Maybe vacuum engines aren't nearly that bad at sea level?

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