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Jool 5 Rough Orbital Delta-v Requirements


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Jool 5 Delta-v Chart

NOTE: This is based off of my flown mission but can be used to plan other missions to Jool.

This chart is nowhere near perfect, but it should give you an idea of what to do or how much to build.

 I know circularization is not a word but I am trying, I am meaning it as making you orbit less eccentric.

If you have any questions please ask me or someone else in the Jool 5 Challenge's main page listed here...

 The Chart Itself

Action Rough Delta-v Requirement (meters per second)
Launch to LKO (Inefficient launch) 3000
LKO -> Jool Transfer 2000
Jool Capture (moon assist) to Low Laythe Orbit This can range ALOT but I managed to do it with around 1500
Low Laythe Orbit -> Low Tylo Orbit Transfer 1400
Low Tylo Orbit -> Vall 800
Vall Capture 415
Low Vall Orbit -> Pol 800
Pol Capture 500- Including low Pol orbit circlularization 
Low Pol Orbit -> Bop 200
Bop Capture 190- including circularization
Bop to 79,000 kilometer Jool parking orbit 660
Jool-> Low Kerbin Orbit 4110


- Do not base a mission only off of this chart, this does not include landing amounts yet

- If I were you I would ensure that you have more delta-v that I have shown to be safe, especially for Jool capture as the moons are not always lined up to help you

- I am basing all these values off my submission to the challenge (shown below).


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1 hour ago, JacobJHC said:

...I know circularization is not a word but I am trying, I am meaning it as making you orbit less eccentric...

It's OK - that's what the rest of us mean by that word too :-)  It might not be something you'll find in a normal dictionary but it is something we here all agree means "to make [more] circular [and less oval]"

Your post deserves a better place than in 'dicsussion' I would think - why don't you have it moved to 'tutorials'?

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A moderator will be along in due course ...

[wait ... ] <- fictionally

If they don't move it for you soon, you can always pick on one of the moderators and ask.  (Honest, I don't think they mind ^^).  Just so you know I'm not trying to cause trouble for you, I'll even ask on your behalf :-)

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Moving to Tutorials.  :)

For future reference:  Any time you need a moderator's help with a post or a thread, just report the post and include a note of explanation with the report.

A lot of folks seem to have the impression that "report post" is only for bad stuff that needs smacking.  Certainly it can be used for that, but reporting itself isn't pejorative in the slightest.  All it's saying is, "will a moderator please look at this," for whatever reason.  For example, you can report your own post, if you need something done that you can't do yourself.


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On 4/26/2020 at 8:18 PM, Starslinger999 said:

Thanks to this I had to redesign my Drive stage to have 4 additional nuclear drives. Probably Saved my mission 

Awesome! This thread finally helped someone! Now to go over the Jool 5 submissions...

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