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My farewell to Kerbal Space Program


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3 minutes ago, waerth said:

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh noooooooooooooo the end is nigh :~(

Do not fret, we have a team twenty-plus strong, and it is growing. We will be here for a long time, continuing what Felipe started.

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Goodbye. Thank you for creating the game. The game that would shape me since 2014. Thank you for such an amazing game.





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A long time ago, there was a man

Who launched toy rockets - then made a plan

To create a game out of this fun

And now he feels his job is done.


Long ago, he worked for SQUAD,

And wanted to quit his job (a nod)

But the company listened to his dream

And let him start work, and assemble a team.


At first, it was the usual stuff,

But the originality: There was enough!

The game quickly grew into something more,

Something that millions now adore.


Kerbal Space Program: The very best game,

Without it, my life would not be the same,

With thousands of mods to keep it alive,

The game as we know it, had lots time to thrive.


Sometime around version 0.19,

There was a boy who thought it was time,

To check out what this game was all about,

And it was the best game, he would scream and shout!


Now we are at version 1.1,

As far as we're concerned, the fun's just begun!

This quirky game, its bugs are the charm,

And nothing now could bring me alarm.


Now, the creator is stepping down,

But he will still keep his hard earned crown,

And he has earned my honor and trust,

I tell you now, go and do as you must.


Thank you, Harvester/The Shadow/Filipe. You are just amazing!

*looks down* Wow, 20+ new replies.

Good luck with whatever comes next!

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Thank you a lot, Felipe. KSP has become the Game for me. Many hours of fun, learning and the best game community that I've ever seen. Godspeed and success in your new endeavors and games.

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Thank you Felipe for your part in creating this amazing sandbox of possibilities that we know as KSP. I certainly understand the need to move on to new things.

May your future hold things even bigger and better than KSP.


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Wow.  I'm speechless.  I remember browsing the Unity forums a few months ago and finding this:


Back in the good ol' days.

Harv, I'd just like to thank you for what you have done with KSP.  I had always loved space before but I had really forgotten about it.  The day I found KSP was truly amazing.  I would not be watching launches, colorizing raw Curiosity Rover images, or even overly interested in space if I had decided not to look at my featured videos list in YouTube.  I'm not a gamer, but KSP allows me to tinker in the way I do in real life.  KSP has taught me more than any textbook, or any class I could ever take.  KSP is the reason I learned C#, the reason I learned Blender, and the reason I'm developing a game myself now, and the list goes on and on.  So I sincerely thank you for getting fed up with marketing and trying to quit your job.  Ezequiel and Adrian: I thank you for giving him the chance to make this game.  You risked a lot because you saw something in him.  That takes guts, and that is honorable.  You might get a lot of people raising their pitchforks at you - don't let that stop you.  Go all the way with KSP.  Milk it until it's dry.

HarvesteR, I think you could have the same potential outside of KSP.  You are a really talented person.  Never forget that.

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Thank you @HarvesteR/Felipe! As a "veteran" of KSP (since 0.13), I've seen the better part of the game's evolution.  As you pointed out, it has come so far.  It takes up almost all of my available gaming time, and has improved my understanding of so much in the world of physics and orbital mechanics.  Beyond that, I believe it's legacy will be felt for years to come from KerbalEdu to KSP's role as a communication tool between the public and real aerospace organizations such as NASA, ESA, ULA, Bigelow Airspace, etc.

Good luck in your future plans, and I wish that they are at least as successful as KSP is.

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Whatever you do from here on out, I'm sure you'll always remember the electric charge and parachutes :) Thanks for everything you've done for this amazing project and good luck on whatever comes next; hopefully starting with a few more weeks of vacation :)

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Sorry to see you go, but time moves on for all of us

Good luck in your next endevour



<<<an old timer from way back in 2012 who spent 3 months seriously ill in order to master getting his Kerbals to the mun and back
"the Smeagle has landed" is all I can say right now

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It's very sad to see you go although I understand your wish to see something else. Thanks for your great work that made KSP one of the best games I've ever played, if not the best. Be proud of what you achieved and I hope you will find other projects that attract you as much as KSP did. All the best for your future. Take care!

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