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Apollo 13


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Recreate the Apollo 13 mission using the Kerpollo mod parts (download them on http://www.kspyard.com/.

You have to use Mechjeb as the Apollo Guidence computer. You will need to turn it off after you get around the Mun. You will also have to turn the sas of, caps look of, simply everything that is on have to be turned off. Also the engine on the C/SM. (Just right click on it, and turn it off.

You will also have to do the burns with the Descent engine on the LM, just like in real life.

You will have to make the burns without any computer or guidance system or anything. You will have to get the re-entry attitude of about 31 km. You will also have to go close by the Mun like in the Apollo 13 movie and in real life.

I have done this myself.

Good luck!! ;) 8)

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